Floating Parade Dedicated to Painter Hieronymus Bosch

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A floating parade dedicated to painter Hieronymus Bosch honors the artist’s fascination with the fantastical and absurd in an annual event that embodies his philosophy and aesthetic. The 2019 occurrence of the Bosch Parade included a musical performance played on a partially submerged piano and a scene with two people straddling enormous horns, just two of fourteen vignettes devoted to an evolving story … Read More

Incredible Photos Show the Scars That War Left Behind on Beirut’s Architecture

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Photographer James Kerwin has spent the past six years capturing the spirit of abandoned buildings by focusing on their rich colors and architectural lines. One of his most recent trips brought him to Beirut, where he attempted to tell the complicated tale of Lebanon’s history through what has been lost. The scars worn on Beirut’s ornate buildings are the wounds of different … Read More

Map of Areas Most Often Missing During Handwashing

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With news of more than 70,000 confirmed cases and 1700 deaths from the COVID-19 virus, the importance of handwashing is once again front and center. Using data from a 1978 study on the hygiene of health professionals, this is a map of the most missed areas when washing hands. This more recent paper contains a short review of various studies of missed areas, most of … Read More

Minecraft Inspired Building in Seoul

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Aoa Architects came back with a new project in South Korea by covering a building with red and white tiles, in reference to the Minecraft video game.Named Cascade House, the building is located in Seoul. The architecture group was also inspired by the coloured bricks and the gables of traditional Belgian houses for the project. ‘Most family houses in the … Read More

NYC Subways Passengers Turned into Animals

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Watching passengers on public transport is fascinating. Whether on the bus or in the subway, we have all found ourselves observing the strangers around us and wondering about their daily lives… With this series, Grabelsky` compares New York to a vast jungle, transforming its inhabitants into hybrid creatures, half human and half animal, through surrealist paintings. ‘I’ve long been fascinated by … Read More

Rotary Cellphone – Rotary Designed Anti-Smartphone

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Justine Haupt, a developer of astronomy instrumentation at Brookhaven National Laboratory, spent the last three years developing a device that strips away all of the non-phone functions of modern smartphones. The Portable Wireless Electronic Digital Rotary Telephone (aka Rotary Cellphone) does not have a touchscreen, menus, or other superfluous features. It fits in Haupt’s pocket, and it makes calls. Why a … Read More

Davos Elite Genetic Secrets for Sale: the Davos Collection Heads to Auction

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EARNE$T announces the upcoming auction of The Davos Collection, a portfolio of artifacts covertly harvested during the 2018 WEF at Davos. The Collection presents the unique opportunity to gain genetic insights into a most influential population and a class traditionally resilient to data collection. 2018 Davos attendees included Donald Trump, George Soros, Jack Ma, Queen Rania of Jordan, Angela Merkel … Read More

Subway Mouse Fight Wins People’s Choice for Wildlife Photographer of the Year

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The Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition just named the winner of this year’s LUMIX People’s Choice Award, and the perfectly-timed photo by wildlife filmmaker and photographer Sam Rowley is just too good to keep to ourselves. Selected from over 48,000 submitted images and 25 impressive finalists, Rowley’s winning photo is called “Station Squabble,” and it features two mice getting into … Read More

Six-Year-Old Girl Named Tulip Navigates to Garden in an Adaptation of Hans Christen Anderson’s Thumbelina

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Andrea Love is back with a new heart-felt animation detailing the journey of a six-year-old girl named Tulip. An adaptation of Hans Christen Anderson’s Thumbelina, the 8-minute short film will chronicle Tulip’s adventures navigating a dense garden after being born from a flower. “We wanted to create a contemporary adaptation of Thumbelina that allows Tulip to be a child, free from a love-story … Read More