Abandoned Italy Through the Lens of Eleonora Costi

Eleonora Costi is a photographer from Italy, currently working in Florence. Eleanor took a trip to Italy to create her new project, which focuses on the stories of abandoned places throughout the country. The photographer decided to explore and revive the glory of the villas, churches, castles and hospitals that were left by everyone, even memories.

“Traveling all over Italy, I was looking for places filled with stories. Places that were inhabited and then disappeared into oblivion, into an area of ​​dust. The result shocked me. I could not imagine the charm and beauty of some of the places that I discovered along the way. The houses are still furnished, where you can almost hear the sounds of past lives. Large rooms with frescoes that give a sense of glory and grand evenings. And abandoned psychiatric hospitals, full of emotions and experiences of a completely different spectrum, ”says the photographer.

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