Incredible Photo Project ‘Abstract Aerial Art’




A broken heart and dissatisfaction with one’s life can lead a person to unexpected consequences. No, we do not mean the most radical decisions, but those that drastically change life. For example, brothers John Paul and Mike Andrews decided to break out of their everyday life in the “wild” Australia, where their incredible photo project Abstract Aerial Art was then born.

It all started in December 2016. The brothers’ hearts are broken, life in Great Britain is tired. Without letting themselves unstuck, the guys buy a one-way ticket to Australia without any specific plan. “In 24 hours we were in Sydney,” recalls John Paul and Mike (JP and Mike Andrews). Lacking survival skills, the photographers embarked on a year-long journey through the Australian wilderness.

“After 6 months of being there, we decided to buy a drone and photograph the incredible views that we came across along the way. We understood: we have something to show the world – this is how the project appeared, ”the brothers recall the beginning of Abstract Aerial Art.

At the end of September 2016, John Paul and Mike went home to celebrate their grandfather’s birthday. And then they flew back to Australia, continued to travel and shoot the world we are so in love with.

Once, after viewing the works, John Paul and Mike realized that they have unusual photographs and they resemble works of art.

“A whirlwind of patterns, symmetry, colors. From the height of the drone, we can see the texture of the Earth, the brothers say. – We realized that we want to share with the world. After spending several hours driving in search of a signal, we started Instagram. We uploaded a number of photos without expecting much reaction, but it turned out to be overwhelming and surprised us a lot – we received so many words of support that it “charged” us to take more and more.”

In an interview for Russian Photo magazine, John Paul and Mike answered the most frequently asked question: Is the real image shown to viewers? “We do not ‘intrude’ into photography: we can only slightly tweak the color and contrast. As we usually say, the trick is that we want to show how strange and wonderful our world can be. ” The second most popular question is: how do guys find locations? The key to the most interesting places is simple – search. Search hours.

“We really devote a lot of time to searching. This may be “complete removal of the brain”, but this is what allows you to get frames. Very rarely, something happens by accident. Almost every photo of our project was taken after a laborious search. What is this search? We use satellite imagery. We love Google Earth. This is a handy program that allows you to quickly scroll through areas, works on all devices — phones, laptops. After we have found an exciting location, then we use Google Maps – check the boxes for further study. So basically you can use Google Maps right away – it’s a matter of preference.”

Isolation gave the guys the opportunity to find new locations, as well as “to finish everything that is so difficult to complete, being constantly on the road.” Now John Paul and Mike are working on their web-based typography, as well as uploading all the footage to Getty images, signing photos, editing them – such boring clerical work also enters the life of photographers. The brothers are preparing a new project, which required a huge amount of time and obtaining permits, but so far everything is kept in strict secrecy.

Abstract-Aerial-Art-01 Incredible Photo Project 'Abstract Aerial Art'

Abstract-Aerial-Art-02 Incredible Photo Project 'Abstract Aerial Art'

Abstract-Aerial-Art-03 Incredible Photo Project 'Abstract Aerial Art'

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