10 of the Most Beautiful Birds in the World

Which is the most beautiful bird in the world? Well, this question may seem very simple. But nobody can answer it so quickly. Because, the majority of bird species in this world are beautiful. But some species definitely have striking features which could outrank others. Here the list of 10 most beautiful birds in the world.

Birds are feathered, winged, egg-laying, vertebrate animals with beaks. They are said to have approximately 10,000 species all around the world. The Nature has given us such a large number of beautiful birds that this list of only ten appears insufficient. However, we have tried our best to compile a list of such beautiful birds which you must see at least once in your life and which will leave you in awe. It is important to mention here that we will be discussing male species mainly.

The nature has gifted us with a lot of beautiful and amazing plant and animal species. We happen to see dogs, cats, trees, flowers and birds around us everyday. The view of the living things other than human beings makes us feel thankful to God for all His blessings and wonders. A lot of beautiful birds are there in the air but here is the list of top 10 most beautiful birds in the world.

10 of the Most Beautiful Birds in the World:

01 Lorievye parrots 10 of the Most Beautiful Birds in the World 01

10. Lorievye parrots.

Color parrots this kind of diverse, literally all the colors of the rainbow are present in it. Habitat lorievyh parrots – Australia, New Guinea, Indonesia and the Philippines. It is said that every spring birds begin to fall, forcing the Australians to wear them in the veterinary clinic. (Cacophony / WikiMedia)

02 American Kestrel 10 of the Most Beautiful Birds in the World 02

9. American Kestrel.

This species distributed in the Western Hemisphere, from Canada to the Falkland Islands. This is one of the most elegant and small birds of prey in the world. (Chris / Flickr.com)

03 Atlantic Puffin 10 of the Most Beautiful Birds in the World 03

8. Atlantic Puffin.

On the steep banks of the North Atlantic can be found colonies of Atlantic puffins. These birds feed on small fish and marine invertebrates. The name was given to these birds because of their excessive credulity. A large number of Atlantic puffins have been destroyed by man. (Gdefon)

04 Crowned Crane 10 of the Most Beautiful Birds in the World 04

7. Crowned Crane.

This romantic bird lives in West and East Africa. During courtship the birds perform a kind of dance, including jumping, dash, flapping their wings, shake of the head. (Gotowall.com)

05 Red Cardinal 10 of the Most Beautiful Birds in the World 05

6. Red Cardinal.

This bird can be found in the eastern states of the USA, south-eastern Canada, and Mexico. The male has a bright crimson color with black “mask” on his face. Females – grayish-brown with reddish feathers on the wings, breasts and tuft. (Desktopia)

06 Kingfisher 10 of the Most Beautiful Birds in the World 06

5. Kingfisher.

A fairly common species of birds. Paws kingfisher is so short that does not allow you to move along the ground, so representatives of this kind of move with the help of wings on the narrow-minded distance. The brightness of plumage of birds is achieved by the refraction of light feathers. Despite the prevalence of the species, these birds are fond of solitude, they are very hard to see. (Thomas Will)

07 Red Macaw 10 of the Most Beautiful Birds in the World 07

4. Red Macaw.

The king parrots can not boast of good fortune. From ancient times they were hunted Indians. Meat macaw used for food and feathers – to decorate and tail booms. (Marboed / Flickr.com)

08 Mandarin 10 of the Most Beautiful Birds in the World 08

3. Mandarin.

Bird of the family duck likes to sit on the branches of trees and the cliffs. It has a fast and maneuverable flight, taking off easy, sometimes right up. Mandarin has been included in the Red Book of Russia. Hunting is prohibited on it. Birds of this species breed in the parks as a decorative bird. (Tim Munsey)

09 Paradise tanager 10 of the Most Beautiful Birds in the World 09

2. Paradise tanager.

Habitat – eastern Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, French Guiana and Guyana. Color bird quite specific: light green snout, blue breast, purple chin. (Nathan Rupert)

10 Peacock 10 of the Most Beautiful Birds in the World 10

1. Peacock.

The only bird on the list, which was domesticated by man. A distinctive feature of the male is the strong development of the upper coverts, which is often mistaken for a tail. By peacocks think much of the West, their revered in the East. In Hindu mythology, when the two ipostasti god Vishnu – Krishna and Radha – dance and amuse themselves in the eternal joy of love, they are seen peacocks. (Ingo Arndt)

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