The Most Unusual Skyscrapers in the World




Today, we look at the most unusual skyscrapers and high-rise buildings around the world.

May 1, 1884 in Chicago began construction of the world’s first skyscraper whose height is 42 meters.

What is the modern skyscraper? The minimum height of the skyscraper-building is controversial. In the US and Europe skyscrapers assumed building height not less than 150 m to 300 m above Skyscrapers, by definition, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat called ultra-high, and more than 600 m. – “mega-high.”

The hotel “Sheraton Huzhou” in China

“Bright moon” – so called hotel “Sheraton Huzhou” in China at Lake Taihu. Today it is the main attraction and the pride of the city.

01 The Most Unusual Skyscrapers in the World

Unusual bionic form of a 30-storey building – not so much a design decision, as a clever engineering course, will make the whole structure lighter. The annular shape of the building was a big problem to provide structural strength and eventually reinforced concrete tubular core was selected with a small weight and excellent resistance to earthquake, while decreasing pollution. The building height of 100 meters and 116 meters in width. ring wall are closed under the water and form the underwater floor.

02 The Most Unusual Skyscrapers in the World

Al Bahar Towers of Abu Dhabi

30-storey tower Al Bahar in Abu Dhabi known not its height and design features.

03 The Most Unusual Skyscrapers in the World

The main task of the architects Al Bahar Towers was to provide shade in the office premises, provided the 50-degree heat of the walls of the building without the use of a plurality of air conditioners. To this end, a giant shield façade of more than 1,000 mobile elements which are opened and closed during the day, depending on the position of the sun was created. This lattice facade covers almost the entire area of ​​the walls of both buildings, except for the north side of them. When this movable lattice not just on 50% reducing heat flow into the building, but also ensure its ventilation and reduce the need for artificial lighting. Thus, skyscrapers covered with a sort of “skin” consisting of 2000 units umbrellas, controlled from a single center

04 The Most Unusual Skyscrapers in the World

“Vertical forest” in Milan

Bosco Verticale in Milan – a true vertical forest. The residential complex of two towers of 110 and a height of 76 meters. On two towers 480 fit trees 11 thousand. Climbing plants and more than 5 thousand. Bushes. Amazing buildings change their appearance depending on the season.

05 The Most Unusual Skyscrapers in the World

Vertical forest biodiversity increases. This promotes the formation of urban ecosystems, where different types of plants create vertically directed impact, which can be populated by insects and birds (with an initial estimate of 1600 samples birds and butterflies). Thus, Bosco Verticale can serve as a factor for the natural settling of flora and fauna of the city.

07 The Most Unusual Skyscrapers in the World

Two towers Bosco Verticale been recognized as the best skyscraper of 2014, received the prize International Highrise Award, awarded every two years by the Museum of Architecture in Frankfurt.

06 The Most Unusual Skyscrapers in the World

The headquarters of the Central Chinese Television

It is a broken ring height of 234 m, most of which overhangs the surrounding space. Due to the unusual shape of the locals gave the building the nickname “panties.”

08 The Most Unusual Skyscrapers in the World

The main building was built in an unusual style and is a ring structure of five horizontal and vertical sections, forming an irregular lattice on the façade of the building with an empty center. Total floor area – 473 thousand m. The construction of the building was considered a daunting task, especially given its location in a seismic zone. Because of its unusual shape of the building it has acquired the nickname of “panties”.

09 The Most Unusual Skyscrapers in the World

“Flame Towers” in Azerbaijan

This is the highest construction in Azerbaijan. The buildings are fully covered with LED-screens that show the movement of fire, visible from the farthest points of Baku.

10 The Most Unusual Skyscrapers in the World

Gross building area will amount to 227 thousand. Sqm. Building construction began in October 2007 «DIA Holding» Azerbaijani-Turkish company.

11 The Most Unusual Skyscrapers in the World

Skyscraper Kingdom Center in Riyadh

He was awarded the nickname “opener”. The total height of the tower – 302 meters and 99 floors, and a viewing platform at the top of the building is a 50-meter-long promenade called the heavenly bridge.

12 The Most Unusual Skyscrapers in the World

Construction began in 1999 and ended – in 2002. In the same year it won the prize «Emporis Skyscraper Award», for the great design and functionality. The skyscraper are located shops, the observatory at a height of 297 meters, apartment, offices, Four Seasons Hotel, and even a mosque.

13 The Most Unusual Skyscrapers in the World

Round skyscraper Aldar HQ

The world’s first skyscraper was built round shape in Abu Dhabi in 2010. The basis of the project lay the image of seashell, on the idea that architects contributed to the harmony of high-rise located on the seafront, with the environment.

15 The Most Unusual Skyscrapers in the World

As planned by the architects of the image of a building located on the beach, it was in harmony with the environment, as a result of the project lay in the basis of the image of a seashell. Skyscraper consists of two parts, curved outwards. Thus to create the effect of convexity were applied single curved glass element shapes. The convex surface is achieved due to the combination of / \ – shaped sections in a certain way. To find the points of contact with the ground used Golden Section principle, which gives high stability of the construction.

14 The Most Unusual Skyscrapers in the World