Awesome Digital Painting Portraits by Flore Maquin

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Flore Maquin is a 29 years graphic artist based in Paris, and passionate about pop culture, design and cinema. She creates revisited movie posters, often in the form of digital painting. Creating both personal and commercial projects, she now works for French and American companies. She was recently the creator of the 2018 & 2019 Cannes Film Festival posters.

Her favorite fields are cinema, films and pop culture. « I make portraits of movie characters that I liked. It’s a way for me to say « I liked this character or this movie ». When I made my first portraits, I realized that many people liked to see their favorite characters from another angle. I love pop culture and I’m one of those people who love to see new creations around their favorite characters. » she tells us. ‘I like to tell something through my drawings. I try to stick with the atmosphere of the film and not just make a drawn portrait. I need to tell something behind. It is important.’ she tells us.

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