A Lone Astronaut Explores the World

Karen Jerzyk is a photo artist from Boston, USA. In 2009, Karen started working in the portrait photography genre. Since the beginning photographer did not have money for the studio, Karen approached the choice of locations for filming creatively. She began photographing in abandoned places.

Several years ago, Karen bought a real antique spacesuit and went with it on a trip around the world, photographing different people in it. This series of images is a combination of the photographer’s love of exploration and the anxiety she experiences around other people.

“With my trusty time machine, I went 1,000 years into the future to document the return of a human astronaut to Earth,” jokes the photographer.

“For the past few years, I have been constantly feeling very uncomfortable and lonely. Sometimes it seems to me that I, as an astronaut, am crossing this planet alone. I think that at one point or another we can all become a ‘lone astronaut’ – everything in life can be difficult, but the beauty and wonders of this world can never be denied, and we need to keep on and on exploring, ”says the photographer.

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