Large-Format Pastel Photorealistic Drawings of Perito Moreno Glacier

Zaria Forman is known for her large-format pastel drawings that investigate the excellence of nature. Specifically, her enthusiasm for ice sheet formations—and their vanishing from Earth—have driven her to investigate the absolute most far off territories of the globe. For her upcoming exhibition in Seattle, she’s honed in on one special glacier located in Patagonia—the … Read more

Pieces Inspired by the Organic Shapes of the Natural Environment

‘Originally a painter and a photographer, finding the medium of Landart has allowed my art and my connection to the Earth my soul so needed, to combine.’ – Hanna Bullen-Ryner ‘Using only natural materials found locally and no permanent fixings, each piece I form is inspired by the organic shapes of the natural environment around … Read more

‘Someone’s Soul’ Watercolor Portraits Focus on Texture and Pattern

Àngela Maria Sierra, who works in as Riso Chan, investigates the human mind through unpretentiously layered foliage. “I generally envision that they are somebody’s soul, what we don’t see, our temperament,” Sierra says of the fragile botanical arrays that she overlays onto her subjects’ appearances and middles. Every portrait starts with an attention on texture … Read more

Cultural Icons and Historical Figures Through Vibrant Embroideries

At the point when Victoria Villasana lays a long join on a vintage photo, she’s interfacing the example or geometric shape to a bit of history, culture, or philosophy. The Mexican artist changes discovered black-and-white pictures of cultural icons and historical figures through vibrant embroideries. Encouraged by fastens that frequently break the photo’s edges, the … Read more

Humorous Characters in Boston by Doodler Jon Burgerman

Doodler Jon Burgerman has been enrolled to add some cheer to Boston is confronting proceeded with measures to battle the spread of Covid. Called ‘Looking Out For Each Other’, the public art installation includes a hilarious mix of 2D and 3D characters. Roosting on park seats and remaining close to trees, the figures want to … Read more

‘Animal Crossing’: “Animal Boys” Oil Paintings by Mayuka Yamamoto

‘Animal Crossing’ has inspired another arrangement of artworks by Japanese artist Mayuka Yamamoto. Viewed as one of Japan’s leading second-generation contemporary artists, whose works portray children wearing animal highlights and enigmatic expressions, Yamamoto’s most recent oil artworks seem hesitant and thoughtful. The feelings of her child characters, or “animal boys” as she regularly calls them, … Read more

Layering and Removal of Material in “Negative Space” by Huntz Liu

Los Angeles-based artist Huntz Liu moves from paper to wood with this collection of new pieces. “Negative Space” is an investigation of scale and analysis in a material that is less restricted as far as thickness and profundity — intensifying layers effectively basic to Liu’s work while including new dimensions and strict load to his … Read more

The Lingering Revolution, Watercolour Paintings of the Cuban People

In his most recent arrangement of watercolor canvases, The Lingering Revolution, American artist Rance Jones investigates the kids, ranchers, laborers, customers and merchants of Cuba against its remarkable backdrop of history. Jones previously visited Cuba in 2018 and was quickly inspired to start his canvases of the current truth of life there. Making more visits … Read more

PAPERSYNTHESIS: Florals and Foliages From Card-Stock Papers

PAPERSYNTHESIS is a paper floral studio founded by Mabel Low in 2020. The studio mainly design and craft florals and foliages from card-stock papers. ​Mabel Low started experimenting with making paper plants back in 2018 when she struggles to keep her houseplants alive. Applying her education (Diploma in Product and Experience Design with Merit / … Read more

Aerial Embroideries by Victoria Rose Richards

Victoria Rose Richards highlights the textures and patterns of landscapes through her aerial embroideries. She portrays rambling backwoods with tufts of French bunches and utilizes glossy silk and seed lines to frame the tight, straight columns of farmland.