Managing Your Mental Health On the Road

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There’s a somewhat unvalidated expectation that travelling catapults you into a carefree existence, on which you survive solely on sunshine and candy bars. Admittedly, it does give you a beautiful backdrop to experience your problems by most of the time – usually gaining some inexplicable new ones on the way. Because: life. Travel can be ultimately therapeutic, and it can … Read More

What’s The Deal With ‘Clean Sleeping’?

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For years, Elly Shariat had been burning the candle at both ends. “I’d start my days around 6 a.m. and I’d begrudgingly force myself to go to sleep at 2 or 3 a.m.,” said Shariat, a Los Angeles-based entertainment publicist. Her big “aha” moment came around her 35th birthday, when she got into her car one night and found herself … Read More

How Sex Makes You a Happier and Healthier Person

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Whenever you have good sex, you likely experience a mix of emotional and physical effects ― both during the act and after you’re finished. Not only does sex and orgasming feel incredible, it’s also amazing for your health and well-being. Researchers and sex therapists constantly sing the praises of regular sex, and there’s a reason (or, really, many reasons) for … Read More

NYC Taxi Medallions Sell For More Than $24 Million

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Taxi medallions are the New York City issued licenses yellow cabs are mandated to possess. Several medallions that belonged to convicted felon Evgeny Freidman sold for more than $24 million. The taxi medallions were auctioned off after the 47-year-old Russian pled guilty to felony tax fraud in the amount of $5 million last month. A total of 139 medallions were … Read More

Anti-Cancer Diet: 25 Foods That Prevent Cancer

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The adage that we are what we eat is so very true. Recognizing and adopting healthy and balanced eating patterns and foods is one of the first steps to ensuring you maintain good health. The other is eating foods that you know can help prevent and fight your risks of getting certain diseases. Cancer is caused by many factors. However, … Read More

This is What Meghan Markle Eats in a Day

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The world is abuzz with information about Meghan Markle, the American actor who wed Prince Harry on May 19, 2018. Between her impressive career and work ethic, her effortlessly gorgeous aesthetic, and her wealth of knowledge on all things lifestyle, people are clamoring for more details on all aspects of her life. Chief among those topics are her food preferences … Read More