Abstract Cityscapes Photography by Alessio Trerotoli

Alessio Trerotoli has devoted a huge aspect of his life to making superimpositions of a few pictures so as to make abstract cityscapes. This methodology permitted him to consummately deliver the possibility of contemporary life in modern metropolises. By comparing various pictures, he will probably show how a typical photograph can be changed into a … Read more

Cultural Icons and Historical Figures Through Vibrant Embroideries

At the point when Victoria Villasana lays a long join on a vintage photo, she’s interfacing the example or geometric shape to a bit of history, culture, or philosophy. The Mexican artist changes discovered black-and-white pictures of cultural icons and historical figures through vibrant embroideries. Encouraged by fastens that frequently break the photo’s edges, the … Read more

Bodyscapes: Landscape Compositions from Human Bodies

Artist, director and photographer Carl Warner is known for his expound foodscapes. Yet, for another arrangement, Warner utilizes another thing to make his fictional landscapes spring up—the human body. His Bodyscapes utilize distinctive anatomical components to make eye-catching and stunning practical landscape pieces. Despite the fact that each bodyscape seems as though an assortment of … Read more

“The Painted Wall”, Desert Landscape by Jared Landberg

Jared Landberg training exists at the crossing point among landscape and studio photography, joining the two in the making of a particular visual style. “The Painted Wall” is an collection of pictures and sounds made in southern California in the fall of 2016 and spring of 2017. Jared Landberg portrays the desert scene as “great, … Read more

Abandoned Places Around the UK by Matt Emmett

Photographer Matt Emmett cherishes investigating areas that have for some time been ignored. Utilizing his image taking, he opens the concealed puzzles of these spaces and carries restored regard for regions that have in any case been “lost.” And while the British picture taker is accustomed to going to the remote of Europe for his … Read more

Mirror Portraits Turned Into Fine Art by Matthew Morrocco

Photographer Matthew Morrocco invited a group of his closest artist friends over to his bedroom, set up his tripod, handed them a mirror, and proceeded to take their portrait. Matthew Morrocco photographs his friends and artistic circle for his ongoing series, “Mirror Portraits.”

Black Space: City Landscape by Photographer Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin

Photographer Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin has been capturing the urban environment for longer than 10 years. The experience of growing up in Los Angeles is the foundation for his photo essays, Bouldin documents the city landscape with a comfortable familiarity. “I started this undertaking to make a visual record of Black neighborhoods all through the nation with … Read more