7 Closed Doors Kevin Spacey: Where They Kicked Out the Actor After a Sex Scandal

The word “scandal” today is in the first place in search queries next to the name of Kevin Spacey. For one November week in 2017, after the actor Anthony Rapp announced sexual harassment from Spacey, the Oscar winner from the list of the most popular Hollywood stars went black on the lists. There were a few very high-profile movie breaks, but there were also those about which the press did not write almost. We will discuss each.

Kevin-Spacey-01 7 Closed Doors Kevin Spacey: Where They Kicked Out the Actor After a Sex Scandal

“House of cards”

Collapsed almost immediately. The release of the sixth season of the series first had to take place in the spring of 2018, but later was postponed to autumn. Now there will not be Frank Underwood – the key character. Guess who played it. However, this is not a secret for anyone and is still a shock for the fans of the “Card House”. By the way, the Financial Times after the announcement of Netflix about the termination of the contract with Speysi sounded the company’s losses, referring to its own source: 39 million dollars.

Kevin-Spacey-02 7 Closed Doors Kevin Spacey: Where They Kicked Out the Actor After a Sex Scandal


Another project, which Netflix representatives closed after the charassment, is the film “Horus” about the life of writer Hora Vidal. He was to go on screens in 2018. Kevin Spacey played the main role in the film and produced the project. According to some information, Spacey is now looking for new investors to “Gore” came out on DVD. The actor himself does not confirm this information or refute it.

“All the money in the world”

A grand film, shot by Ridley Scott, was photographed allegedly on the personal insistence of the director, who learned of the scandal. When Spacey, who played the main role in the film, apologized publicly for what had happened with Rapp, Ridley Scott invited the billionaire miser Christopher Plummer to the main role and photographed all the scenes where the character appears. As a result, $ 10 million was added to the “unforeseen expenses” of the estimate of “All World Money”.

Kevin-Spacey-03 7 Closed Doors Kevin Spacey: Where They Kicked Out the Actor After a Sex Scandal


Another deprivation, which faced Spacey after what happened in November 2017, was the deprivation of his Emmy award. The actor was already preparing to receive the award, as the International Academy of Arts and Sciences announced the laureates in advance. A month before the ceremony, the name of Spacey from the list was crossed out. Note that the prize was to go to the actor for the series “House of Cards”, which, according to Spacey’s personal admission, became for him one of the most beloved for the whole acting career.

Kevin Spacey Charitable Foundation

The actor was forced to close his own charity project The Kevin Spacey Foundation (KSF), which lasted almost ten years (was opened in the UK in 2008). The Foundation was engaged in grants, scholarships and support for young people, inclined to acting. It was reported that almost the entire staff of the fund left Spacey immediately after the scandal, but officially the fund was closed on February 28, 2018.

Bank ING

Representatives of the Dutch bank ING publicly broke the contract with Kevin Spacey (for which the public accused the Dutch of bad PR). Hollywood actor was to become the main star of BusinessBoost in Rotterdam, but, according to the leaders of the bank ING, this would distract participants of the business session from financial issues.

Kevin-Spacey-04 7 Closed Doors Kevin Spacey: Where They Kicked Out the Actor After a Sex Scandal

Acting Agency

Creative Artists Agency, who worked with Spacey since 2009, also announced the termination of the contract with the actor. There were no details. However, other precedents came down: first, refusal to work with the actor of his own press secretary, Stacey Woolf, and then – representatives of Polaris PR, which developed marketing strategies for Spacey.

58-year-old Kevin Spacey – American actor, producer and screenwriter, winner of the Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA, nominated for Grammy and Emmy. June 1, 2018, according to afisha.rambler , his desire to work with the disgraced Hollywood star expressed the Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci. This is the only public statement of this kind since November 2017.