15 Adorable Moments Between Celeb Dads and Their Kids

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Being a celeb Dad doesn’t make these special moments between father and child any less special. Here we have 15 of the cutest, most touching moments captured on camera between these famous dads and their kids.
After all, is there anything cuter than a good Dad?

Mark Wahlberg & Daughter Ella Rae

Mark holds his daughter Ella’s hand tenderly as they make their way into the Teen choice awards. Mark is always loving and protective of his only daughter and it can clearly be seen here through the ease they have with each other.

Justin Timberlake & Son Silas Randall

JT clearly has a special and playful bond with his son, Silas. Justin described fatherhood as “the most insanely amazing, most beautiful, unbelievable thing that can ever happen to you.” Needless to say, he’s enjoying his time with this little chap.

Channing Tatum & Daughter Everly

I don’t know how anyone can’t melt looking at this picture! … Channing’s first father’s day with the special ladies in his life, and it’s clear that each occupant of this photo is enamoured with the other. The tenderness and love captured here is absolutely precious.

Jay Z & Daughter Blue Ivy

This is cuteness! Jay Z dancing with daughter, Blue Ivy at her Grandmother’s wedding. These kinds of interactions are what makes up the strongest of relationships in the long-term. And seeing them cut loose and enjoy each other’s company almost makes you want to join in the fun!

Chris Pratt & Jack

If this kid isn’t the personification of adorkable, then I don’t know what is!

Chris enjoying courtside seats to a Clippers game with his five-year-old boy. Jack could’ve sat in his own seat, but apparently his Dad’s lap was far more comfortable!

David Beckham & Harper

Beckham has four children, three sons and one daughter. In this particularly cute photo David teaches his daughter Harper how to ‘bend it like…’ for her first football lesson. His young apprentice aspires to become a footballer like him one day – so this could be just the beginning!

Josh Duhamel & Axl Jack

Josh, Fergie and Axl celebrate eight years of marriage together with a family outing to the beach. At just three years old, Axl is as cool as you might expect; with celeb dad and transformers actor, Josh for a Dad and rapper/singer Fergie Ferg for a Mom.

Kanye West & Daughter North West

Yes, it’s true – even the great Kanye West needs a rest sometimes. This moment is too precious – father and daughter snuggled up on the couch. No matter how bad his rhymes, he shows here he also has a soft side.

Chris Hemsworth & Daughter India Rose

This beach day just got a whole lot cuter! After a rigorous surf, Hemsworth stretches out on the beach to avoid aching muscles… and notices India copying him! He rushes up to her for an affectionate kiss… She seems to be following in his footsteps.

Eric Johnson & His Kids Maxwell Drew & Ace Knute

What could be cuter than a Daddy shopping with his daughter? Eric takes his daughter Maxwell out for a trip just before Christmas.

Peter Andre & Daughter Princess Tiaamii Crystal Esther

This cute selfie was taken right after Princess was taken into hospital with a broken arm. After surgery she was right as rain, with Peter telling fans she was obviously a cluts like himself! That is one brave little girl!

Nick Lachey & His Kids Camden John & Brooklyn Elizabeth

“Being a Dad brings so many emotions” Nick Lachey said, and we can see those emotions clearly in this photo taken to remember his daughter, Brooklyn’s third birthday. The caption underneath read “Happy Birthday Angel!! You will ALWAYS be Daddy’s girl. I love you so much.”

Hayden Christensen & Daughter Briar Rose

This moment is just pure joy and fun – Hayden playing with his daughter, taking her to Five Guys after a visit to the park. The best thing about this photo is the playful attitude they both have- being a father doesn’t have to be all serious.

Enrique Iglesias & Lucy and Nicolas

That onesie! Enrique snuggles up to one half of a set of twins, Lucy for her first photoshoot. There is something about these tender moments that is so touching. I’m sure he will want to be her ‘hero’ for the rest of their lives.

Michael Phelps & son Boomer

Michael and his wife, Nicole welcome their new baby, Boomer, into the world. Michael said “for me it was the best thing to ever happen to me!!” He didn’t have to say it, it is written all over his face.

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