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Ben Affleck: Why He’s ‘Happy’ That Ex-Wife Jennifer Garner Found John Miller

ben-affleck-jennifer-garner Ben Affleck: Why He’s ‘Happy’ That Ex-Wife Jennifer Garner Found John Miller

Ben Affleck still cares about ex Jennifer Garner, and now that she’s romantically linked to John Miller, he’s glad she’s moving on and finding love again.

Ben Affleck, 46, doesn’t have any hard feelings over his 46-year-old ex Jennifer Garner‘s new relationship with John Miller, 40, and in fact, he’s happy that she’s found romance once again. “Ben is happy for Jen and her new relationship,” a source close to Ben told. “In his heart, there may always be lingering love and emotions for the mother of his kids, but Ben is not jealous, he just wants Jen to be happy. While Ben does miss some of the good times he shared with Jen sometimes, he is glad that she is finding happiness with someone new. Ben has done his best to move on after the split and he feels Jen is lucky to have found someone new that can bring her joy and companionship.”

Jen and John’s relationship first made headlines in Oct. 2018, when they reportedly had already been dating for six months. They made their first public appearance together that same month, and later in Dec., they were photographed getting close on a balcony full of Christmas lights. “Jen is in a really good place,”. “She’s very happy in her new relationship and it shows. She looks amazing and is in a great place mentally.”

Jen and Ben, who share children Violet, 13, Seraphina, 10, and Samuel, 6, announced their separation in June 2015, after almost ten years of marriage, but they didn’t finalize their divorce until Oct. 2018. Since then, they have been working together to prioritize parenting their children and they often go on outings, including church visits and holiday vacations, together as a family. John is the first man Jen has romantically dated in the public eye since her split from Ben.

“The divorce was very hard on Jen when she went through it and she’s so happy to be so happy,” the second source continued. “Her children also love seeing how happy their mom is. Jen loves that her eldest, Violet, is able to help out with Seraphina and Samuel as well, and she trusts her watching her younger siblings, which is so incredibly helpful to her so she has more time for herself.”

We reached out to Ben’s rep regarding this report and she had no comment.


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