10 Famous Pop Stars Who Give the Most Expensive Concerts

There is nothing better than going to see your favorite artist live in concert, getting to sing along to the songs and see the person who created it live and in person, putting on an amazing performance.

Whether it is a small local gig or a stadium concert with the biggest names in the world, it is a truly magnificent experience. However, one of the big hurdles of attending tons of live concerts is the sheer price of them. Nowadays, some artists charge an absolute fortune to their fans to see them, and within this list, we will break down 10 famous pop stars who give the most expensive concerts.

10 # .Backstreet Boys ($149.24 Average Price)

Backstreet-Boys-e1574167268783 10 Famous Pop Stars Who Give the Most Expensive Concerts

We kickstart this list with the pop band, Backstreet Boys, who got the entire music world talking when they decided to return and tour once again, with everyone rushing out to get tickets to see the group on tour once more.

The Backstreet Boys clearly understood their value with an average ticket price of $149.24, the band certainly set a high ticket price for their fans to see them sing their classic tunes and choreograph their dances. The shows were all major hits over the summer, and it is likely that they will end up touring again, which could see the ticket prices rise even higher.

9 # .Shawn Mendes ($158.47 Average Price)

ShawnMendes_013-e1574167291451 10 Famous Pop Stars Who Give the Most Expensive Concerts

Next on the list is Shawn Mendes who has an even higher average ticket price of $158.47, which is surprisingly high for someone in the early stages of his music career, but due to his popularity, he is able to sell out shows on a regular basis.

Mendes has become a hit all around the world, selling out shows everywhere he goes as he climbs the ranks in the pop world to become one of the biggest names in the industry. However, with his ticket prices already being that high, who knows what the price will end up rising to later on in his music career.

8 # .Ariana Grande ($187.88 Average Price)

Ariana-Grande-1 10 Famous Pop Stars Who Give the Most Expensive Concerts

As one of the fastest rising pop stars in the world, Ariana Grande clearly understands her value and the fact that she is so well-liked, with an average ticket price of $187.88 to see the talented singer.

Even though we are only in the early stages of her career in music, Grande is going with the times and making as much money as possible, and for that, you cannot blame her. However, when you compare how long she has been around the business for against others on this list, it does highlight just how expensive her tickets are for such a young popstar.

7 # .Elton John ($189.12 Average Price)

Elton-John-1 10 Famous Pop Stars Who Give the Most Expensive Concerts

While Elton John is currently traveling the world on what is set to be his final ever live tour, he is certainly making the most out of it financially, with an average ticket price of $189.12. With this being his final tour, fans both old and new are doing everything in their power to try and get tickets to see the legendary singer sat at his piano just one more time, which is why he can get away with such high prices.

However, there is no doubt that the popular Englishman is charging an extreme amount of money for tickets to see him, but thankfully for those that do, he always puts on a tremendous show.

6 # .Katy Perry ($243 Average Price)

Katy-Perry-e1574167488701 10 Famous Pop Stars Who Give the Most Expensive Concerts

Next on the list is another incredibly popular pop act, Katy Perry, whose average ticket price tends to be $243, making her one of the most expensive artists to see live in concert.

Much like most musicians who charge high amounts from their fans, Perry is well-known for putting on an amazing show for the crowd, and if you’re willing to pay a large sum of money, then you likely won’t be let down by it. However, it is a huge sum to charge, with this just being the average price, meaning some tickets closer to the stage do actually cost much more than that.

5 # .Pink ($270 Average Price)

Pink-e1574167542875 10 Famous Pop Stars Who Give the Most Expensive Concerts

Pink was one of the most influential voices during the ’00s, and to her credit, she has always managed to stay relevant, and her iconic voice is something that fans are always clamoring to see.

However, you best be prepared to cough up plenty of money in order to do it, with her ‘The Truth About Love’ tour having an average ticket price of $270 on the secondary market, where the price rose even higher. That’s right, it’s an expensive ordeal to purchase a ticket to a Pink concert, which is something that many fans are willing to do, yet others aren’t.

4 # .Beyonce ($294 Average Price)

Beyonce 10 Famous Pop Stars Who Give the Most Expensive Concerts

Girls certainly do run the world when it comes to setting high ticket prices for their concerts, as the Queen of pop, Beyonce has proven with her tours, with tickets averaging at $294 for her shows.

The highest-priced stop on her ‘Mrs. Carter Show World Tour’ took place in Las Vegas, where the most expensive ticket was an unbelievable $764, which almost seems impossible to believe. With Beyonce clearly knowing her worth, she doesn’t hold back in loading up the ticket prices of her shows, which might not be to everyone’s taste, but with her army of fans willing to pay, it is something she will keep doing.

3 # .Justin Timberlake ($339 Average Price)

Justin-Timberlake-e1574167597797 10 Famous Pop Stars Who Give the Most Expensive Concerts

While he might have burst onto the scene as a member of the boy band, N-Sync and then gone on to have amazing success as an actor and a model. That doesn’t mean Justin Timberlake has forgotten the section of his career that really put him on the map.

That is, of course, his solo singing career. Timberlake clearly recognizes how important that section of his career is as he still puts on concerts to this day, although it doesn’t come cheap for those wanting to see him in the flesh. The average ticket price for a Justin Timberlake concert is $339, which is one of the most expensive concerts that you could possibly see at the moment.

2 # .Celine Dion ($354.98 Average Price)

Celine-Dion-e1574167628705 10 Famous Pop Stars Who Give the Most Expensive Concerts

As one of the veterans of the pop world, you would think that Celine Dion might be inclined to lower her prices at this point, having dominated the scene since her first English-language album in 1990.

Having sung some of the greatest pop songs of all time from “I’m Your Angel” to “The Power Of Love,” it is no surprise that fans are still desperate to see her live in concert but you’ll need to be prepared to pay a high average ticket price. Dion certainly knows her worth, that’s for sure, with an incredibly high average ticket price of $354.98, ensuring she is still one of the most expensive acts to see in music.

1 # .Lady Gaga ($420.49 Average Price)

Lady-Gaga-e1574167666899 10 Famous Pop Stars Who Give the Most Expensive Concerts

Taking the top spot as the most expensive pop artist to see at the moment is the incredibly talented Lady Gaga, whose average price tickets were an eye-watering $420.49 this past Summer.

While there were certainly cheaper tickets than that, there were also those far more expensive, with the singer/actress setting a very high charge rate for her fans to see her live in concert. And while Gaga is well-known for not only being an amazing singer but also putting on a tremendous show, this is an insane amount of money to charge someone for a single ticket as it is often far too much for the average person to pay.

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