Hailey Baldwin Eats Disgusting Pig Jelly to Avoid Answering This Question About Justin Bieber




hailey-beiber-guts-corden Hailey Baldwin Eats Disgusting Pig Jelly to Avoid Answering This Question About Justin Bieber

Hailey also revealed what she did with the money she made for promoting the disaster that was the FYRE Festival.

Hailey Baldwin won’t let herself say anything bad about her husband Justin Bieber, even if it’s just about his hairstyle choices.

While appearing on “The Late Late Show” Wednesday night, the model became James Corden’s latest victim when she participated in a game of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” where she and Corden had to either answer personal questions or eat disgusting food like bull’s penis, bird saliva or water scorpion.

Corden was up first and had to rank the Baldwin family members — Alec, Billy, Stephen and Hailey — from most to least favorite or be forced to eat a water scorpion. The late-night host tried to find a way out, telling Baldwin, “Well, you’re a Bieber now.” Corden ultimately fessed up and named the “Drop the Mic” host as his favorite, followed by Stephen, Alec and Billy — who he put last because he’s never met him.

Baldwin’s first question wasn’t an easy one, as Corden asked her to spill on how much money she was offered to promote the failed FYRE Festival. The audience, like many, seemed shocked by the question, but Corden laughed out loud as he thought Baldwin would be forced to drink bird saliva. However, Baldwin was smart and Corden was generous.

“This is good. Hailey, how much money did you get to appear in the FYRE Festival promo?” Corden asked and Baldwin replied, “I’m not gonna share, but it made for a very generous donation for charity.”

“You gave the money away after you saw how great it was?” Corden joked. “Yes, I did,” Baldwin said. According to Corden, since her act was so “noble,” she didn’t have to drink the disgusting liquid.

The final two questions proved to be even more difficult as both Corden and Baldwin remained tight-lipped and chose to eat the revolting food — bull’s penis and pig flesh meat jelly.

The CBS star refused to choose if he would fire Method Man or Baldwin if “Drop the Mic,” the show which he created, could only keep one host. “Method Man is strong and I think he would kill me,” he said, “But the show without you [Baldwin] isn’t the show.” Corden then put pieces of the bull’s penis in his mouth.

Baldwin’s last question was ultimately the one that stumped her. She was asked to rate from “best to worst” three different hairstyles worn by Bieber, with whom she just recently married. The television personality was tasked with ranking a long-haired Bieber, Bieber with dreads and baby Bieber, a.k.a back when he had iconic bangs. If she refused to answer, Baldwin would have to take a bite of a block of pig flesh meat jelly, which she said smelled “like dog food.”

“First of all, he is so handsome,” she said of Bieber’s looks. “I love the dreads, personally. I thought they looked really cool. Loved it. There’s absolutely no doubt he’s an adorable kid. Who didn’t love the swoosh?… I think he looks hot [with the dreads]. I’m not…I think he looks good in all of them.”

Baldwin grabbed the knife and fork on the table, cut a piece of the nauseating block of food and put it in her mouth. So gross!