10 Facts You Never Knew About Jennifer Love Hewitt

The acting career of Jennifer Love Hewitt made her a household name in the late 90s as one of the top celebrities. Hewitt shined bright with acting roles in various hit movies and beloved television shows. The star power helped her get many lead roles and become a relevant name in all of pop culture. Hewitt still acts today and has a strong fan base that enjoys all her work.

We will look at some of the little-known facts about the talented actress. These go beyond the typical things like the roles she appeared in or her love life rumors. Hewitt has already established a legacy in Hollywood with performances that will exist forever. Find out just what goes on behind the scenes for such an important figure. Here are ten things you never knew about Jennifer Love Hewitt.

10 # .Multiple famous relatives

cline 10 Facts You Never Knew About Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt is the most famous person in her close family, but she has quite a few other famous relatives that most don’t know about. The most noteworthy name to have relation to Hewitt is her grandmother’s cousin Patsy Cline who thrived as a famous singer.

Other relatives for Hewitt through more distant connections go back to the 1800s with relation to President Harry Truman and outlaw Jesse James. Hewitt still managed to break out and create her own legacy without any family ties.

9 # .Recorded music as a teenager

sing 10 Facts You Never Knew About Jennifer Love Hewitt

The career of Jennifer Love Hewitt started off at a young age. Not only did Hewitt start taking acting roles at a young age, but she made her journey into the music industry as well. Hewitt recorded her first music album at the age of 12.

The album titled love songs featured a fun cover of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” along with her own original songs. Hewitt continued with music later in her career, with quite a few other songs released. Unfortunately, the music never matched the acting success.

8 # .Was credited as Love Hewitt for a while

love 10 Facts You Never Knew About Jennifer Love Hewitt

The early credits for Jennifer Love Hewitt’s career would see her having the name of Love Hewitt. Things would change in her first appearance in a major film when getting a role in Sister Act 2. The full name of Jennifer Love Hewitt appeared in the credits showing the change.

This backstory is that her mother almost named her Love before relatives talked her out of it. Love became a nickname that was experimented with when acting. The change to Jennifer Love Hewitt created the perfect name that became famous in her career.

7 # .Top draw on Cameo

cameo 10 Facts You Never Knew About Jennifer Love Hewitt

One recent project of Jennifer Love Hewitt makes her more accessible to fans. Cameo is a popular website that allows fans to pay for a video clip from their favorite celebrities in the form of a greeting, message for a loved one, or even just answering questions.

Hewitt has been listed in the featured section since joining the site indicating the success. The home page of Hewitt on the site has many videos of her having kind words for fans. Despite being later in her career, Hewitt’s fans have made her a top draw on Cameo.

6 # .Can’t drive car with manual transmission

car 10 Facts You Never Knew About Jennifer Love Hewitt

A strange fun fact about Jennifer Love Hewitt goes into her regular everyday life. Hewitt’s driving skills are quite limited when it comes to her comfort. The driving skill is luckily not a huge one for any of the roles she’s taken in her career.

Hewitt admitted in an interview that she struggles to drive a car with a manual transmission as she never learned or found comfort with it. Many celebrities surprisingly don’t know how to drive at all, so we can give Hewitt a pass here.

5 # .Broke her finger on the set of Heartbreakers

heartbreakers 10 Facts You Never Knew About Jennifer Love Hewitt

The comedy Heartbreakers featured Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt playing a mother and daughter duo using their looks and charm to scam men out of money. Both ladies eventually find unexpected love, which is how the story moves forward.

Hewitt did not have her heart broken on set, but she did end up with a broken finger. The memorable “flopper dive” scene would see her suffer the painful injury. Heartbreakers made impressive profits at the box office, making the hard work a hit for Hewitt.

4 # .Deleted social media for short while due to harassment

jennifer-love-hewitt-wallpapers-26849-2204239 10 Facts You Never Knew About Jennifer Love Hewitt

Social media can be a tough thing for celebrities to figure out, given the difference when you’re a public figure. Almost any famous person on Twitter will get many hate tweets and potential threats from people that have zero care for their feelings.

Jennifer Love Hewitt felt the brunt of the attacks from critics leading to her deleting Twitter altogether. The deletion came in 2013 and lasted a few months for Hewitt to do what was best for her mental health. She did return and is once again a prominent figure on social media.

3 # .Seance predicted her future role on Ghost Whisperer

ghost 10 Facts You Never Knew About Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt would land a lead role on the television series Ghost Whisperer for many years. The role was pivotal in her transition from movie to television. Hewitt had an experience that convinced her this role was coming her way.

A night out with friends landed Hewitt at a séance in a nightclub in Hollywood. The experience revealed that “the spirits” connecting to her would lead to her future changing. Hewitt would be sent the script for Ghost Whisperer with the offer of a role in the series shortly after.

2 # .Turned down role on Charmed

charmed 10 Facts You Never Knew About Jennifer Love Hewitt

Charmed was a beloved series about of trio of witches that happened to be sisters. The actresses of Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs. Fans would be shocked to learn that Jennifer Love Hewitt almost joined the cast.

The role was offered for Hewitt to replace Doherty, but she turned it down. It made sense since fans already grew attached to the character played by another actress. Hewitt would have been in a difficult position trying to win over an established audience in a role that wasn’t hers to begin.

1 # .Garfield is her highest-grossing film

garfield 10 Facts You Never Knew About Jennifer Love Hewitt

The highest-grossing film of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s career is one many fans forget she even appeared in. Garfield was released in 2004 with a lot of money put into the production and marketing. Hewitt and Breckin Meyer were the lead stars with the legendary Bill Murray voicing the Garfield character.

The movie was trashed by critics, but it made huge money at the box office. Garfield brought in $200 million at the box office, with fans showing up to see it. Hewitt would see it become the biggest box office success of all her movies.

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