This Video of Rami Malek Listing His Favourite Things Is Inadvertently Creeping People Out




Rami-Malek This Video of Rami Malek Listing His Favourite Things Is Inadvertently Creeping People Out

Coming off a successful awards season, Rami Malek has found himself in the midst of a video meme storm. A January clip of the 37-year-old Oscar winner collaborating with hotel brand Mandarin Oriental has resurfaced due to its rather creepy aura. In the promotion, Rami runs down a list of things he’s a fan of — in reference to the hotel chain’s logo of an actual fan. But his pauses, eerily calm tone, and lack of blinking as he gazes into the camera have some people on edge.

Naturally, Twitter users had a ball with thinking of captions that hilariously described the video. “I feel like the camera should be panning out revealing a very heinous crime Rami Malek has just committed,” one user wrote. Others found Rami to be rather relatable, writing things like, “Me on a first date” and “When you’re in a job interview and they ask about your leadership but you misheard the question.” Some even believe that this proves Rami would make the perfect villain in the upcoming James Bond movie — and it looks like he actually might be joining the cast.

The Bohemian Rhapsody star has recently had a handful of awkward moments. In January, he experienced a cringe-worthy interaction — or a lack thereof — with Nicole Kidman at the Golden Globes, which he later cleared up. He also had a mildly uncomfortable conversation with former costar Francia Raisa, in which he totally forgot that they worked together. So, personally, I feel for the guy (although the old meme of him holding two pens and looking overwhelmed STILL gets me). But it seems like Rami has a great sense of humour, so hopefully this gives him a good laugh.

Rami Malek is no stranger to inspiring meme creators on the internet. But, the inspiration does not just come from his bulging eyes or sharp jawline; it’s also the words that come out of his mouth.

Recently, a snippet of Malek listing his favorite things in the world gave people a reason to apply the meme treatment on him. The shot going viral is from an advertisement Malek took part in for Mandarin Oriental hotels.

It was originally shared at the end of January, but was picked up by the Twitterverse earlier this week.

First things first, watch the video:

Malek starts the video by saying he’s a fan of Freddie Mercury and Queen. He then goes on to say “I’m a fan of my mom … she’s got my back.”

It was those two seconds (where he says I’m a fan of my mom) that ultimately turned Malek into a video meme. When taken out of context, the statement may seem awkward, weird, and a bit creepy.