Backstreet Boys Just Performed a Clucking-Only Version of ‘Everybody’ — in Chicken Suits!




backstreet-boys Backstreet Boys Just Performed a Clucking-Only Version of 'Everybody' — in Chicken Suits!

On Thursday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the Backstreet Boys treated their fans to a very unusual performance, wherein the five singers donned fluffy chicken suits, christened themselves “Bawkstreet Boys” and performed one of their biggest hits — in chicken noises.

“Here to perform an all-clucking version of ‘Everybody’ by the Backstreet Boys, please welcome the Bawkstreet Boys,” announcer Steve Higgins told the crowd, as the camera panned to reveal the boy band’s new look.

Miraculously without bursting into laughter, the group, who were joined for the performance by Fallon, sang their hearts out — going through the entire tune using only the chicken sound “bawk” — and even whipped out some impassioned chicken choreography.

While leaving the show’s studio in New York City, Fallon and the group also poked fun at one of the eternal questions that has stumped mankind for generations: why did the chicken cross the road?

Although they couldn’t think of a real answer to cross the road, the group found themselves compelled to undertake the task with great sincerity and care, before turning back around to do it all over again — just because!

Besides promoting their skills as chicken impersonators, the Backstreet Boys were also celebrating their new album, DNA, which was released Friday.

“Our brand new album, DNA, is now available everywhere!” the group wrote on the band’s official Instagram account. “BSB is in our DNA, just like it’s in all of yours,” the group wrote on Instagram. “We have been a group for more than 25 years and this is our favorite album… ever. Listen, watch, share #BSBDNA ?.”