Fashion Photography of Desdemona Varon: a Different Look at Details

A conversation with a person of art can inspire an individual to be creative. And very often such events become key in the life of photographers. So it happened with the fashion photographer Desdemona Varon, who decided not only to study art, but also to become a part of it. The result is collaboration with major fashion magazines, work in the main fashion capitals and an unusual look at photography.

Desdemona Varon is a photographer specializing in fashion photography, still life and food photography. Her work has been exhibited at numerous exhibitions in London, Berlin, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vicenza (Italy), Milan and, finally, this year at the Venice Biennale. Desdemona’s professionalism is proved by teaching photography at the University of Westminster London and fashion at the Marangoni Institute.

Desdemona’s art photography challenges the public’s obsession with beauty and its rules, but at the same time demonstrates a passion for high fashion. Varon sees a serious mistake in the usual understanding of beauty, which is openly broadcast in the media. Desdemona is trying to encourage people to increase their self-esteem and for good reason: as a teenager, the photographer suffered the tragic consequences of a serious car accident, where she had to not only fight death: “My beauty was stolen, and since then I have to fight for both beauty and self-respect “. Thus, her early works demonstrate the process of this struggle to find herself again.

Undoubtedly Varona has a unique eye for detail. And she herself is always responsible for the artistic direction in her work: every stage of photography takes place under her guidance – from makeup to storyboarding. Therefore, this love of art, beauty and fashion led Desdemona to work in the largest capitals of the world, as well as collaborate with celebrities and with many influential magazines. Yes, in her pictures there is always a much deeper meaning than just a beautiful picture.

“Every human being is in itself a unique work of art” – Desdemona Varon.


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