France-Lise Mcgurn ‘Sleepless’ – Experience of City Life Through Painting

France-Lise McGurn (born 1983) is a Glasgow-based artist who predominantly works with painting to create fluid works that spill from the canvas onto the gallery walls, floors and ceilings.

In her work McGurn draws on a gathered document of discovered symbolism to make non-literal establishments which express ideas of sexuality, happiness, misfortune and cognizance. The new collection of work introduced in Sleepless investigates the experience of living in a city as one that is private and inalienably sexual. The display title itself summons key topics in McGurn’s work, including celebrating, dreams, aching, parenthood and nostalgic mainstream society, reviewing the 1993 romantic comedy Sleepless in Seattle. Working instinctively instead of through direct apportionment, McGurn utilizes quick brushstrokes and rehashed imprints to make free relationship about spot and history, welcoming watchers to summon their own accounts.

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