This AI Robot Can Solve A Rubik’s Cube One-Handed In Seconds

Scientists and engineers have designed and built a robot hand that uses AI to solve Rubik’s cubes in the blink of an eye, literally.

As robots and machines become more intelligent, there has been a fear among a certain segment of the human race that science will one day go too far. There are numerous movies and TV shows based on that very prediction. While we can’t predict the future, we can enjoy the present, and we love the work being done in the robotics industry right now.

Perhaps the biggest advancement of all in that sphere is the use of artificial intelligence. To have robots learn tasks rather than program them to do one specific thing. Again, that can sound a little scary to some, but incredibly exciting to others. A robot that can learn to perform tasks as a human would mean a number of things could be possible in the not-so-distant future.

Take a look at this robot hand, for instance. The hand has 24 joints and was developed by OpenAI. The hand can solve a Rubik’s cube one-handed. Well, it has to do it one-handed as it is literally only one hand. The algorithm used by the hand doesn’t tell it what to do, it doesn’t even tell it about the cube’s colors and weight. It has to learn all of that by itself.

If you visit a factory where robots and machines are used to build things like cars, you’ll see them performing one task and performing it well. However, change the tiniest thing about their environment and the whole process will be thrown into disarray. Not with OpenAI’s robot. Every time it started to complete the cube too fast, developers gave it more difficult circumstances to work under.

The real-world applications for this hand in the future are obvious. Not only will it be able to solve puzzles, but the hope is that this sort of robotic learning will one day aid those who have lost or are missing limbs. AI and robotics are here to help us guys. They can be fun, helpful, and innovative, and should be revered rather than feared.

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