We Could Be Paying Apple a Monthly Fee for Our iPhones In the Future

Apple products are incredibly expensive to buy outright for most people, and the company is aware that many of us would benefit from paying monthly.

Chances are most people’s bank statements read like a list of subscription services in 2019. Netflix, Amazon Prime, PlayStation Plus, just a bunch of things we pay for on a monthly basis. It’s also highly likely that a cell phone payment will be in there somewhere too. However, Apple could be planning on changing how we go about doing that.

Most people pay for their cell phones in one of two ways. Either by paying for the device outright or via monthly payments with a cell phone plan. That can feel as if you effectively have a monthly subscription to your phone, and in a way you do. However, what you are really doing is paying for your data and minutes and getting the device for free.

iphones-1 We Could Be Paying Apple a Monthly Fee for Our iPhones In the Future

That might well change in the future, at least for those of us who use iPhones. CNBC reports that when asked about an Apple subscription service for iPhones, the company’s CEO implied that some of the building blocks were already in place for that to happen in the future. “My perspective is that will grow in the future to larger numbers. It will grow disproportionately,” Tim Cook revealed.

The question posed wasn’t asking whether Apple will simply sell hardware as part of a subscription, but whether it will offer up a service similar to Amazon Prime. A package made up of different Apple products and services, some of which already exist. Yes, that will likely include an iPhone, but could also have things such as Apple TV and Apple Arcade along with it.

The fact Apple is even considering this doesn’t bode well for the networks from which we currently buy our iPhones, at least those of us who pay monthly. Then again, Apple’s iPhones can’t work without companies such as AT&T providing the cell signal, so there’s that. Well, not unless Apple builds its own cell towers, which we wouldn’t put past the company. For now, we’ll settle for some sort of Apple Prime bundle.

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