Interaction Between Man and Nature: Galin Wasilew and His Photoproject “Symbiosis”

Bulgarian photographer Galin Wasilew took an interest in photography at a young age, which later grew into a real passion.

At the beginning of his career, Vasilev worked in the portrait genre, then took pictures of landscapes, but after meeting with a real miracle of technology – a drone – the photographer was fascinated by aerial photography. The experience of photographing the wildlife of Alaska from a bird’s eye view initiated a similar experiment in Bulgaria, which resulted in a series of photographs entitled “Symbiosis”.

The goal of the project is to show the interaction between man and nature, two separate organisms that coexist together. Some photographs are easily recognizable and realistic, while others are abstract and make you look at the image over and over again.

“Aerial photography, like macro photography, at first glance, shows objects familiar to us, but from a completely different angle. Just as macro photography makes small big, so aerial photography makes big small, which further expands the idea of ​​how small we humans are, and at the same time what a powerful impact we have on the Earth, ”says the photographer.

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