To Fall and Become Art: Photo Project by Sandro Giordano

How to creatively tell about the fall of the human in society through art in the 21st century? You can portray this topic in a difficult way – through metaphors, concepts, images, or simply take the word “fall” and literally show the fall of a person as a result of his base desires and addictions. This is exactly what Sandro Giordano did in his extremely ironic and disturbing photo project “IN EXTREMIS. Bodies with no regret.”

Sandro Giordano is a creative Italian photographer from Rome who entered the world of photography from the theater stage. For 20 years Sandro worked as an actor, and before that he studied to be a designer. Was this experience reflected in his work? Definitely.
Giordano’s passion for photography began with his main photography project “In an Emergency. Bodies with no regret “or in the original IN EXTREMIS (bodies with no regret). The very first and most popular shots of the series were shot on the iPhone5, and only then he decided to improve the quality of the frames and bought himself the first camera – Nikon D810, with which he fell in love.

“I’ve never studied photography. I’ve always loved filming, but I never imagined that she would ever become my job. I think that through my pictures I can tell about the times in which we live. In general, photography is able to “freeze” the moment forever. And I do it in an ironic and surreal manner, depicting people falling. It’s like saying: “At the moment I am here, and this is all that surrounds me,” Sandro shares.

When asked where Sandro gets his inspiration, the photographer replies: “I am a fan of movies, music and TV series, especially the 70syears. Plus, my hobbies include reading books and traveling. I love life in all its manifestations. I think Pedro Almodovar and John Waters are the two directors who influence me the most. First, because he always manages to tell about human tragedies with irony and in a very colorful way, and this is what I try to do in my project. And the second one attracts me with its high “dose” of cynicism. His films often lack logic and common sense, and that is what makes them unique and special. It’s a shame he doesn’t film anymore. My favorite movie is Killer Mommy, starring the stunning Kathleen Turner, who plays the classic American housewife who is ready to kill anyone who opposes her family. This movie is hilarious and I’ve seen it at least 20 times. “

According to Giordano, IN EXTREMIS is about the misadventures of fallen characters, victims of their own obsessions and obsessions. Indeed, in the photographs of the photographer we see rich women drinking the 14th bottle of wine, and a lover of expensive fur, that is, the skins of killed animals, and a pastor with homosexual inclinations – everything that is condemned by society and makes the viewer think.

“I believe that color is one of the key elements in my photographs. If I hadn’t used bright colors, the drops would have been much more dramatic. I pay the same attention to props and clothing. I use them to reveal the personality and background of the characters, as their faces are always hidden. “


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