Bodyguard of the President of Lithuania Steals the Hearts of Men

Simona-Daumantene-bodyguard-Presiden-Lithuania Bodyguard of the President of Lithuania Steals the Hearts of Men

The charming bodyguard of the Lithuanian president, 31-year-old Simona Daumantene blew up the social network – after an interview with a spectacular girl about her unusual career, she was talked about on different continents.

Of all the activities that exist in the world, the profession of a bodyguard is considered, perhaps, the least feminine. Despite this, for a long time statesmen preferred to see in their protection just fine ladies. The President of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaite, is no exception, because one of her bodyguards is a beautiful model-looking girl.

Simona Daumantene, bodyguard of the first person of the Republic of Lithuania, is now known no less than her charges. The girl, who is present in many photographs with the president of this small Baltic country, can not but attract attention.

The one who has been given such high trust as access to the first person of the state, does not talk about work, but is happy to describe the press to her life before joining the civil service. Simone, from her childhood, dreamed of becoming a professional sportswoman and seriously engaged in cycling. In her work she achieved certain successes and even worked as a coach in one of the famous sports clubs in Vilnius.

The turn in Daumantene’s life occurred suddenly – she got acquainted with a person who was directly involved in ensuring the security of Lithuanian politicians. The man immediately saw a serious potential in a purposeful, athletic girl and invited her to try herself as a bodyguard.

In the civil service, Simon was given exhausting training and constant checks of psychological and physical health. The former sportswoman with honor has withstood all tests and her high professionalism has ensured her a brilliant career.

The bodyguard girl reveals the secret of the popularity of female bodyguards. It turns out that the representatives of the fair sex, although inferior to men in power, but significantly exceed them in the speed of reaction, intuition and keenness of mind. But most importantly – women are more stress-resistant, and therefore able to act professionally in the most extreme situations.

Simone does not hide that her work imposes an imprint on all spheres of her life, including communication with people outside of work. The girl always assesses the situation, analyzes the created situations and is wary of strangers. This approach gives her confidence that in an emergency she will be able to adequately respond to the problem and protect people who are dear to her.

In her spare time, her bodyguard rides a bicycle, swims and rides, and plays with her dog. Simone also loves good films and reads a lot. In plans for the future – to master jumps on a snowboard. Asked if she is afraid of anything, the bodyguard of the President admits that since childhood he is very afraid of spiders and laughingly says that he is afraid that someone will use her phobia at work.

In the ordinary life, a girl guarding Dalia Grabauskaite does not differ from her peers in appearance and prefers comfortable youth clothes and modern music. At work Daumantene is most often dressed in a strict business suit, under which colored tattoos are hidden. The requirements for the appearance of the bodyguard are very high, and although many employees have tattoos on their bodies, they can not be demonstrated at work.