10 Most Expensive Apartments In the World in 2019

It is fair to say home is where the heart is. The saying must be one of the many reasons why a lot of us are willing to pay exorbitant prices to ensure our homes are safe, comfortable and a unique reflection of ourselves. The good news in all of this is the housing market remains limitless to anyone with the right number of digits in their bank accounts. And while purchasing a house is a considerable option, many opt for the idea of an apartment instead to avoid the extended responsibility.  Indeed, all from famous celebrities to successful business moguls get to enjoy the several perks of a fancy apartment without ever having to worry about a mortgage.

Let us take a look at the world’s 10 most expensive apartments in 2019 to once more remember why we envy the rich. Prior to delving in, it is important to remember multiple factors such as city, neighbourhood and amenities may profoundly influence the discussed costs. Additionally, this list was put together with the help of data shared by Curbed New York, CNBC & Lux-Residence.

10 # .Historic Columbia Square Penthouse, Los Angeles

Historic-Columbia-Square-Penthouse 10 Most Expensive Apartments In the World in 2019

This Hollywood gem was once owned by Friends actor Matthew Perry who footed the bill of $30,000 USD a month to call this place home. Nestled in the chic quartier of Columbia Square, the revamped luxurious apartment can be found in the 18th story high-rise and reveals a space of 2,405 square feet.

Amenities include the astonishing view of the Hollywood sign and Los Angeles sunset along with other luxury essentials like hardwood floors, an open-concept kitchen and several rooms. Yearly, we are looking at 3.6 million dollars USD spent on this property alone yearly.

9 # .Capella The Club Residence, Singapore

Singapore-Penthouse 10 Most Expensive Apartments In the World in 2019

Singapore in and of itself is quite an expensive city. Hence the living standard is naturally elevated than most places featured on this list. Nevertheless, it does not mean luxury suffers at the hand of high-living costs. Some of these places are, in fact, reflecting most of Singapore’s finest as seen at the Capella The Club residences.

This ready-to-move-in apartment is priced at $36,000 USD monthly. Features of the penthouse include renovated rooms, first-class amenities and regular housekeeping services. Yearly, the rent comes up to the generous sum of $4.3 million dollars.

8 # .Le Reve Penthouse, Dubai

Penthouse-Dubai 10 Most Expensive Apartments In the World in 2019

A 14,350 square-feet sized property, Le Reve Penthouse is one of Dubai Marina’s finest stays. This apartment includes 7 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms, a maid’s room (because living in a place like this, you are expected to have a maid), a study and more open concept rooms for you to fill up.

Along with concierge service and a private elevator, you may enjoy the building’s steam room, sauna and gymnasium to keep up with your fitness. The total cost based on the listing summarizes at $12 million dollars USD.

7 # .Le Panorama, Monte Carlo

Le-Panorama-Monte-Carlo 10 Most Expensive Apartments In the World in 2019

This 157 square per meter property is so lush that the price must be requested. Located in the heart of Monte Carlo, Le Panorama grants its visitors with overwhelming views of the Formula 1 Grande Prix’s race circuit.

It also includes 6 rooms and bathrooms, 4 parking spaces, 5 cellars and its very own soundproofed cinema. Although the price is unknown, other properties in the building range within $12 million dollars USD. Hence, we can estimate this property must at least start in that range.

6 # .16e, Paris

16e-Paris 10 Most Expensive Apartments In the World in 2019

This splendid apartment can be found in the City of Lights and expands vastly at 537,50 square per meter. With this purchase, you get a total of 5 bedrooms and bathrooms, an office and access to an interior courtyard along with magnificent views of the Eiffel Tower.

The property reveals a subtle decor of golden interior reminiscent of the architecture appointed to the French monarchy. And it is could be yours for $23 million dollars USD.

5 # .Federation Tower, Moscow

Federation-Tower-Moscow 10 Most Expensive Apartments In the World in 2019

Unique views of Moscow are offered in this ravishingly beautiful property. Measuring at 431 square per meeter, this 3-level luxury apartment offers 7 bedrooms and several other amenities to enjoy.

The property precisely distinguishes itself through an elegant and sleek design which includes a glass dome surrounding the entire space. Current price clocks in at $39 million dollars USD. Interested?

4 # .One Thousand Museum Penthouse, Miami

One-Thousand-Museum-Penthouse 10 Most Expensive Apartments In the World in 2019

The hot weather of Miami will surely burn a hole into the pockets of anyone looking to live luxuriously. And this $49 million dollars USD property accounts for that statement.

Located in the heart of Miami, One Thousand Museum offers jaw-dropping views of downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay. This well-designed stay also includes a 1,000 square feet terrace along with six bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and a private pool.

3 # .Residence Odeon Tower, Monaco

Monaco-Penthouse 10 Most Expensive Apartments In the World in 2019

Despite its size, Monaco remains one of the richest places in the world. The French sovereign city-state is thus home to some of the most expensive apartments in the world.

Hence, it is only right for us to include Monaco in this list and accordingly, property websites reflect the current sale of a luxury apartment topping at $67 million USD. Located in the high-tower of Odeon, this refined suite includes breathtaking views of the city along with 4 bedrooms, a high-tech kitchen, a cellar and more.

2 # .Le Penthouse, New York

Le-Penthouse-NY 10 Most Expensive Apartments In the World in 2019

Clocking in at the shocking amount of $98 million dollars USD, this New York City penthouse is the lap of luxury. Located on Madison Avenue, at the core of the city, the residence is measured at 19,815 square feet and includes a ton of amenities such as 14 bathrooms, countless fireplaces along with a rooftop pool and jacuzzi.

To assist you further, the location also includes a full-time doorman and live-in nanny. As best worded by the original listing, this apartment ‘provides a fulfilling and understated contemporary lifestyle.’

1 # .One Hyde Park, London

One-Hyde-Park-London 10 Most Expensive Apartments In the World in 2019

Luxatic has previously reported that London’s One Hyde Park was one of the world’s most expensive apartment buildings. Thus, you can only imagine how much it would cost you to rent one of its luxurious residencies.

Penthouse D features as one of the priciest apartments on this list with $237 million dollars USD, making it one of the most expensive apartments in London altogether. Considerably, the penthouse is unfurnished, but the building includes epic amenities like an ozone swimming pool.

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