10 Of The Most Expensive Things Prada Has Ever Made, Ranked

Create by Italian brothers Mario and Martino, the Prada fashion house was founded back in 1913. Established in Milan, which is sometimes referred to as the fashion capital of the world, Prada started as a modest leather shop and has grown into one of the world’s most famous luxury fashion companies.

Prada produces an extensive range of products, including clothing, shoes, accessories, perfume, and handbags. Since the 1990’s, Prada has been renowned as a status symbol. As the saying goes, anybody who’s anybody wears Prada. Keep reading to find out our ranking of these 10 insanely expensive Prada items.

10 # .Prada Prince Of Wales Micro-Check Coat

Prince-Of-Wales-Micro-Check-Coat- 10 Of The Most Expensive Things Prada Has Ever Made, Ranked

The Prince of Wales might not be the most popular member of the British Royal Family, but this coat named after him is one of Prada’s most on-trend pieces. Exuding sophistication and elegance, this is the type of outerwear that’s worth saving up for.

It can be yours for around $2,990, which might be deemed a lot as far as coats go. But in return, you’re getting one of Prada’s most prestigious pieces. And if you ever get the chance to meet the Queen of England, this is the perfect coat to wear!

9 # .Prada Chalk White Tote Bag

The-Chalk-White-Tote-Bag- 10 Of The Most Expensive Things Prada Has Ever Made, Ranked

We are in love with this Chalk White Tote Bag. Made from Saffiano leather, this is one of Prada’s most expensive handbags, according to Worthly. The defining feature, other than the all-white color, is the hardware that is plated in gold. It gives the bag an extra dose of luxury, and probably adds to the $4,300 price tag.

Aside from being exceptionally stylish, the Chalk White Tote is also super practical. Inside the bag, there are two pockets to store your belongings, in addition to the main pocket. The bag boasts a snap-lock clasp to make sure everything inside is safe and secure.

8 # .Prada Lace Dress With Scroll Motif

Lace-Dress-With-Scroll-Motif- 10 Of The Most Expensive Things Prada Has Ever Made, Ranked

This Prada Lace Dress with Scroll Motif is perfect for summer. We are huge fans of the lace design, as well as the dreamy blue color. Ideal for a garden party or other prestigious event, the dress will no doubt be a best-seller (among those who can afford it!). For the average person, the $3.751 price tag might be a bit of a deterrent.

It’s true that you could get similar dresses for a fraction of the price. But they won’t have that iconic Prada symbol which is sewn into the pocket.

7 # .Prada Nylon Gabardine Puffer Jacket

Prada-Nylon-Gabardine-Puffer-Jacket 10 Of The Most Expensive Things Prada Has Ever Made, Ranked

Not all designer fashion involves lavish accessories and formal dresses. Sometimes, you just need a practical puffer jacket to get you through the winter, or to take with you on a winter vacation. In that case, this Nylon Gabardine Puffer Jacket is perfect—for those who can justify the $1,781 price tag.

There’s no doubt that this jacket would be extremely warm. If you were going on a trip to the snow, it might be the only outwear you’d need to bring with you! It will probably make many appearances at the world’s most lavish ski resorts this winter.

6 # .Prada Papaya Hobo Bag

The-Papaya-Hobo-Bag- 10 Of The Most Expensive Things Prada Has Ever Made, Ranked

This Papaya Hobo Bag is one of the more vibrant bags from Prada, which is one of the reasons why we love it so much. It stands out from the neutral tones and the monochrome vibe that seems to be radiating through the fashion industry at the moment. Unfortunately, it could be a while before we’re able to afford the $8,600 price tag though!

The bag is made with ostrich leather, features a detachable shoulder strap and a single handle. Although it looks large in the photo, it is actually a smaller bag that is ideal for evening engagements.

5 # .Prada Candy Dress

Screen-Shot-2019-11-22-at-5.59.03-PM 10 Of The Most Expensive Things Prada Has Ever Made, Ranked

Every girl needs a little black dress in her closet. The LBD is a wardrobe staple—a piece that you’ll always need at one point or another. Black dresses are great to have on hand because they’re also versatile, meaning you can dress them up or down for just about any event.

With its $2,793 price tag, we’re thinking that this Prada Candy Dress is the type that you’d want to dress up rather than down! Oozing sophistication and glamour, this is the type of dress you could get away with wearing over and over again.

4 # .Prada Foil Nappa Leather Bomber Jacket

Prada-Foil-Nappa-Leather-Bomber-Jacket 10 Of The Most Expensive Things Prada Has Ever Made, Ranked

Bomber jackets are back in style, and it looks like it’s going to stay that way for a while. So it might be worth investing in a good-quality bomber jacket that you can throw on top of pretty much any outfit. For those who don’t mind paying around $3,560, this Foil Nappa Leather Bomber Jacket from Prada is a dream!

It looks good, keeps you warm, and is long-lasting. Unlike some other brands, it won’t start to fade after just a season of wearing it. What more could you want!

3 # .Prada Margrit Small Ostrich Leather

Prada-Margrit-Small-Ostrich-Leather 10 Of The Most Expensive Things Prada Has Ever Made, Ranked

Another ostrich leather bag that happens to be one of Prada’s most expensive products is this Margrit Small Ostrich Leather bag. It can be yours for around $6,140. Practicality is not the priority with this bag since its small size means you won’t be able to pack much in there at all. With this one, it’s all about the style.

The bright color combined with the unique style and the versatility of the handle and detachable shoulder strap is what entices many customers. It’s easy to see why this bag is so popular among the rich and famous.

2 # .Prada Natté Gabardine Coat

Natté-Gabardine-Coat- 10 Of The Most Expensive Things Prada Has Ever Made, Ranked

You can never have enough outerwear, right? This Natté Gabardine Coat is another ideal coat that will be the perfect enhancement to any winter outfit. In addition to keeping you warm, it will also bring a sense of elegance and style to your outfit. This is another Prada item that is definitely going on our wish lists!

The Natté Gabardine Coat can be yours for around $3,120. That is a little excessive for the average person. But depending on where you are in the world, there is free delivery from the Prada website!

1 # .Prada Satin Pumps

Satin-Pumps- 10 Of The Most Expensive Things Prada Has Ever Made, Ranked

These Prada Satin Pumps give us serious Wizard of Oz vibes. For around $900, they may be the cheapest of Prada’s most expensive products, but we love them the most. And that’s purely due to the fact that they look like Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers!

You can also get the Satin Pumps in other styles, including the famous bolt heel and the satin pointy toe. We can’t confirm if they’re more or less comfortable than your average pump, but they definitely bring a certain style that most other brands don’t! Hands-down, these are our favorite designer shoes at the moment.

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