National Parks in US

In US is a huge number of national parks and reserves, and in the year the system of US national parks visited by 300 million people. The first national park here was the Yellowstone in 1872.

All reserves of America are very picturesque and unique, and today the city tour, we will visit some of them.

1. Redwood National Park, California. Park covered ancient forests sequoia:

01 National Parks in US

2. Grand Teton National Park , located in the western United States in the north-western part of Wyoming. His name is obliged to park Teton mountain range (the highest peak – the peak of Grand Teton, altitude 4198 meters) – the youngest mountain formation of the North American continent, whose age has 13 million years:

05 National Parks in US

3. Zion National Park in Utah , near Springdel. The main attraction is Zion Canyon, 24 km long and a depth of 800 meters:

02 National Parks in US

4. National Park Petrified Forest ( “Petrified Forest”) is located in the east of the state of Arizona and is about 380 km 2 . On its territory you can see many fossils, mostly of trees, which are more than two hundred million years. Here lizard sits on a fossilized tree trunk, which is 225 million years:

03 National Parks in US

5. North The Cascades National Park, Washington . The park is located in the mountain system of Cascade Range, which received its name from the large number of waterfalls found here. Thanks to the preservation of the unique nature park inhabited by a large number of wild animals:

06 National Parks in US

6. Park Grand Canyon, Arizona. This is one of the oldest national parks in the United States. In the park is the Grand Canyon – Grand Canyon of the Colorado River, one of the recognized natural wonders of the world. This is one of the deepest canyons in the world (1600 meters). Magnificent waterfall:

07 National Parks in US

7. National Park Badlands, South Dakota. Park landscape includes steep hills, sharp cliffs and peaks and the largest in the US area of protected prairie (steppe areas with tall vegetation)

08 National Parks in US

8. National Park, Canyonlands, Utah. There are a lot of gorges, mountains and river valleys that are part of the desert landscape:

09 National Parks in US

9. Yosemite National Park, California. Famous for its landscapes and nature: spectacular granite cliffs, waterfalls, rivers with clear water. In 1984, the park received the status of “World Heritage” by UNESCO. Each year the park is visited by about 3 million people. This picture was taken in the moonlight with a 17-minute delay:

10 National Parks in US

10 Martian landscape from Yellowstone National Park:

11 National Parks in US

11. National Park Canyonlands, Utah:

12 National Parks in US

12. National Park Capitol Reef National Park (Capitol Reef) , Utah, which is still in the 20s of the last century by local enthusiasts got the nickname “Wayne Wonderland” stands for the development of parkland. Colorful canyons, ridges, rock arches and monoliths – all it really impresses:

07 National Parks in US

13. National Park Great Sand Dunes – the youngest reserve, officially declared a national park only in September 2004. The park boasts the highest sand dunes in North America, which sometimes reaches a height of 210 meters. These huge masses of sand constantly moving and take strange shapes:

13 National Parks in US

14. National Park Kenai Fjords, Alaska. It got its name because of the long, carved by glaciers valleys, which are now filled with ocean water. This glacier Aialik:

14 National Parks in US

15. National Park Saguaro, Arizona. The park’s name comes from the name of a giant saguaro cactus (in Russian Carnegie). These cacti live 75 years, grow to 14 meters in height and up to 3 meters in girth. In total, the park boasts more than 50 species of cacti. On the Sunset:

15 National Parks in US

16. Winter in National Park, Joshua Tree . About this amazing tree we have already talked in detail:

16 National Parks in US

17. National Park Crater Lake National Park, Oregon . The main attraction – Crater Lake Crater , which is famous for its deep blue color and clarity of water. It is the deepest lake in the United States, the second deepest in North America and the seventh in depth in the world (Lake Baikal – the deepest)

17 National Parks in US

18. National Park Bryce Canyon, Utah. The main attraction of the park is Bryce Canyon . Despite the name, this is not a canyon, but rather a giant natural amphitheater created by erosion. Red, orange and white colors of the rocks are a spectacular sight, especially at sunrise or sunset:

18 National Parks in US

19. National Park Mount Rainier , Washington. In the park there is a stratovolcano Mount Rainier height of 4392 m:

19 National Parks in US

20. National Park Canyonlands, Utah. On some rocks found drawings that were created more than 3 000 years ago, a group of nomadic hunters:

20 National Parks in US

21. National Park and Preserve Katmai, Alaska. The park is protected from 1980 as an amazing Arctic territory. The park was named in honor of Katmai volcano, located in the middle of it. And Katmai park – a real bear’s territory:

21 National Parks in US

22. Death Valley National Park in California is the most arid national park in the United States. In the park is a salt plain Badwater (Eng. Badwater), which is the deepest valley in the land of North America. Its depth of 86 m below sea level. See, also, interesting report “Creeping Death Valley rocks” :

22 National Parks in US

23. Love on the Big Island (Big Island) – the largest island of the Hawaiian archipelago with active volcanoes:

04 National Parks in US

24 Arches National Park, Utah. There are more than 2000 natural arches, formed from sandstone in the park, including having the world famous “arch gracefully” . In this arch there is another playful name – “Cowboy Boots”:

23 National Parks in US

25. Grand Teton National Park :

24 National Parks in US

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