Split the World by Polis in Photo Project “PERSPE”

Gustav Willeit is a photographer from Brunico, Italy. His amazingly symmetrical shots of nature and civilization from the series “PERSPE” make the viewer doubt the reality of what he saw and believe in the illusion created by the photographer digital technologies.

Gustav studied at the F + F Swiss School of Art and Design in Zurich, where he acquired the technical skills that support his innate poetic vision of the world. In 2005 he worked as an assistant at various photographers’ studios in Zurich, and since 2006 he has been working as a freelancer in Italy and Switzerland.

The title of this series, PERSPE, originated from a fragment of the German word “Perspektive” (perspective):
a programmatic statement alluding to the composition work, which is based on a simulation that fully exploits the opportunities offered by digital technology.
The artist traces an unnatural perspective, i.e. a perspective that is “ideated”, invented, that acts and creates “different” places by mirroring the image, thus reaching perfect symmetry often disrupted by a discordant element.

Gustav created his first work in the style of “Perspe” in 2002 during his studies in Switzerland. Having conquered the “pinnacle” of digital technologies, the photographer decides to introduce his knowledge into photography and transform the captured objects.

“I’ve always been attracted to manipulating reality with digital tools,” admits Gustav. – And the theme of reflection and doubles has always fascinated a person. I like to create this balance between truth and falsehood, I like to discover new facets of the landscape. I create an uncertain world, a place that attracts attention: it looks somehow familiar and at the same time has a surreal atmosphere. ”

Gustav’s goal is to distract the viewer from reality, but at the same time allow him to feel something true and authentic in the frame. The photographer is interested in the question: “Will the viewer see the illusion?”

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