Photographer Peter Kayafas Book: The Way West

A wonderfully delivered investigation of America’s fields expresses—their narratives, customs and individuals — from Peter Kayafas.

The most recent book from New York–based photographer Peter Kayafas presents photos from ten years and a huge number of miles of movement in the plains states. A continuation of his 30 years of work along America’s byways, Kayafas utilizes his camera to investigate the current situation with the chronicles and ritualized conventions of the individuals.

“What is the West?” asks writer and environmental activist Rick Bass in the afterword to the book. “We think we know—cowboys, Indians, cows, dust, sunsets, rodeos, right? One of the numerous things that is amazing about these photos by Peter Kayafas is the finesse yet likewise unassuming manner by which the old images are demonstrated to be auxiliary to the base intensity of youth, and youth in a western landscape.”

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