Amazing HDR Photography Photo-Stories by Adrian Sommeling

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Dutch photographer Adrian Sommeling is very talented at taking HDR (High dynamic range imaging) photographs and using Photoshop to highlight the details and reflect his thoughts.

He’s a gifted conceptual photographer and a father that beautifully and creatively integrates both of those aspects of his life into his photography concepts. His art is imaginative and his photographs tell stories while his own son stars in the artistic ideas he creates. I am proud to introduce you to the talented Netherlands-based conceptual photographer, Adrian Sommeling.

By utilizing unique post processing techniques combined with layers of composites, Adrian has found a very creative style of visual storytelling. With a processing style that is cinematic in method, you can’t help but stare at his portfolio and marvel at the fun and creative work that has many (including myself) applauding and adoring his creativity.

Amazing HDR Photography Photo-Stories by Adrian Sommeling:

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