Princess Charlotte Looks Identical to Princess Diana’s Niece in Childhood Photo

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There is now another member in the family who fans say looked like Prince William and Kate Middleton’s 3-year-old daughter Princess Charlotte: Lady Kitty Spencer, William’s cousin and his late mother Princess Diana’s niece.

Spencer, who is 27 and works as a model, recently posted on her Instagram page a black and white childhood photo of herself posing outside in London while wearing a gingham dress.

“First day of school #tbt,” she wrote.

Over the past couple of years, many people have pointed out the resemblance between Charlotte and her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, 92. Which is convenient, as she too is a fan of the royal wave!

Charlotte also looks a lot like her dad did when he was a child:

Princess Charlotte, it is clear she takes the cake when it comes to which of the kiddos looks the most like their dad, Prince William.

From their shared “Diana smirk” to their dazzling eyes, fans went wild over the eerily similar photos of the father and daughter. But this isn’t the first time Anglophiles noticed the shared looks between the Prince and Princess.

In this photo, the toddler and her famous dad are clearly twins, with their cheeky grins.

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