What to Post on Instagram When You Run Out of Ideas

As we all try to beat the Instagram algorithm and boost our engagement, you probably know that posting frequently is a great way to garner exposure.

But oftentimes, we run dry of ideas and have no clue what to post on Instagram… I run into this all the time. On one hand, I may have shoots lined up for days and content planned ahead of time, which is really helpful when planning out my feed and organizing my content calendar. However, this does not always play out so well.

Other times, which is really most of the time, I find myself in an Instagram rut and I struggle with coming up with new ideas and fresh content to post. That is why I wanted to share some foolproof photo suggestions that are amazing for when have nothing else to post on Instagram.

Go Out for Food

You can never go wrong with food photography, right? Call up a friend or fellow blogger and make plans to grab some brunch. Make sure to plan ahead by browsing Yelp and checking out the user’s photo uploads or try and locate the restaurant’s own Instagram account to make sure the lighting is good and the food is gram-worthy. Kill two birds with one stone by eating well and shooting new content! Better yet, make that three birds because if the space is photogenic, you can grab a few #ootds on the spot.

Visit a Flower Market

Everyone loves a good flower shot on Instagram – especially in the spring and summer. Visit a local flower market and take some cute photos while browsing through all the fresh beauty. You can also purchase a cute bouquet to bring home and shoot additional content as well!

Create a Flatlay

A flatlay is a blogger classic. Although, they can be overdone on Instagram, challenge yourself to find a way to put a creative spin on it. For instance, you could try not making it look so staged by arranging the featured items in a more natural way. You can also play with interesting lighting and compositions. This is a great option for when you are out of Instagram post ideas!

Love Your Selfie

Apply your favorite lipstick, find some natural lighting and take a selfie! This is a great way to add a touch of personalization to your Instagram feed, especially when you are not sure of what else to post. Don’t forget to smile!

Throwback Thursday

…Or any day of the week for that matter. Who says it just has to be Thursdays anyway? Go back through your photography archives and find a photo that has not made it to the Instagram feed yet. It is a great for reminiscing too! If there’s an oldie that you really like, no shame in reposting!

Introduce a Furry Friend

The internet has a fascination with cats for a reason. Borrow your pet, whether it be a dog, hamster or rabbit, and turn them into little pet models. Who would refuse an adorable photo of a furry friend? Not me!

There you have it! These are some of my default photo ideas for Instagram when I seemingly have nothing else to post. Make sure to take the concept and make it your own by adding your personal touch and flair. Doing so well ensure these photo ideas will blend harmoniously with your feed.

If none of these work out for you, do not sweat it! No one is forcing you to post every single day. If you stress out about your content too much, it is a surefire way to take out the fun of Instagram. Plus, posting just to post may even decrease your engagement if your audience can tell it’s forced. Have a good outlook and do not be afraid to get creative and think outside of the box. Happy posting!