NFL: The World’s Most Valuable Running Backs

07Running backs are invaluable in the game of football because they are the ones who help push the ball up the field. This position is vitally important and it takes a certain type of person to play this position well. You need strength, intelligence, and some sticky fingers that understand how not to fumble the ball.

The NFL has a slew of running backs at the top of their game, but we have uncovered the best ones out there. These men are ranked based on their yardage and consistency as a player this 2019 season. Keep reading to learn about the ranking of the world’s most valuable running backs in the NFL!

10 # .Saquon Barkley

saquon-barkely NFL: The World's Most Valuable Running Backs

This man plays for the New York Giants and so far this season he has rushed an average total of 66.83 yards per game. It isn’t really a surprise that he managed to make it onto our list as he was an all-star back at Penn State when he broke several records.

He came into the league last year in 2018 as a rookie and continued to break records in his first season. He was awarded the AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award for his advancement during his first season with the giants. He might have lower stats than some other players in the league, but he was out for 3 games earlier this season due to an ankle injury.

9 # .Marlon Mack

marlon-mack NFL: The World's Most Valuable Running Backs

Marlon Mack currently plays for the Indianapolis Colts and so far in this 2019 season he has obtained an average of 84.88 yards per game. His career began at South Florida University and he entered the professional league in the fourth round of the 2017 NFL draft.

There are some who project his stats to drop toward the end of the season, but his consistency on the field is what keeps him on our list. His stats are better than those of Carlos Hyde, although, we moved him down a notch due to some of the games they are set to play at the end of the season.

8 # .Carlos Hyde

carlos-hyde NFL: The World's Most Valuable Running Backs

Carlos has currently attained an average of 78.22 yards per game this season as a running back and he was drafted back in 2014 by the 49ers. He has been traded a few times as he landed on teams like the Browns, Jaguars, and Chiefs, and now rests in the hands of Houston Texans.

This player started his career at Ohio State where he won the Ameche–Dayne Running Back of the Year award for his ability as a running back. He did his best work when he was in San Francisco, but this is by far the best year yet since he has been traded away from them. We don’t expect him to beat the records he had while playing there, although, we do have high hopes for the future.

7 # .Chris Carson

chris-carson NFL: The World's Most Valuable Running Backs

Carson plays for the Seattle Seahawks and has an average carry of 84.89 yards per game, with a total of 764 yards for the season. He was drafted by the team back in 2017 after playing football at Butler Community College and Oklahoma State.

There have been some concerns about his ability to hold onto the ball but with such high stats and their winning record this season we have to argue that he isn’t doing half bad. We do expect to see more from this player as the season progresses as he could have changed the outcomes of more than a few games this year.

6 # .Leonard Fournette

leonard-fournette NFL: The World's Most Valuable Running Backs

Fournette has rushed a total of 831 yards this season and averages about 92.33 per game. He is a relatively dependable offensive player, but sometimes he does fall short of the mark for the Jaguars.

This team picked him up back in 2017 after he played his stint at LSU. There are those who might say he should be above Ezekiel Elliot in the listing, but when you see the plays that landed in his lap, you realize his stats make him look better than he actually is.

5 # .Josh Jacobs

josh-jacobs NFL: The World's Most Valuable Running Backs

Josh Jacobs is the perfect example of an underdog who managed to rise to the top. He was recruited by Alabama after graduating from a small high school in Oklahoma. He was picked up by the Oakland Raiders this year and it was one of the best decisions they could have made.

He has suffered a few minor injuries this season, and he still managed to blow away the competition with his superior athleticism. It is obvious at times that he is a rookie and working through the plays, but the yardage speaks for itself and deems him worthy enough to be on our list.

4 # .Ezekial Elliot

ezekiel-elliot NFL: The World's Most Valuable Running Backs

This player has run a total of 741 yards this season for the Dallas Cowboys, with a game average of 92.63 yards. Many know his name from his time spent at Ohio State where he was a menace on the field until he was drafted back in 2016.

He has obviously continued his tradition of dominating the field and he consistently pushes the ball. Elliot has the mentality of a winner and it shows every time he plays as he vanquishes the competition.

3 # .Dalvin Cook

dalvin-cook NFL: The World's Most Valuable Running Backs

Dalvin Cook was drafted back in 2017 by the Minnesota Vikings after playing college at Florida State. He averages about 99.33 yards per game and has a total of 894 yards for the season. He made it this high on our list because of his consistency and ability to run the ball no matter the circumstances.

It is not uncommon for him to achieve 100-yard games, and that is because he is one of the best running backs on the field. It does seem like his stats have been slowly decreasing in the past few weeks, which is why we ranked him third on our list.

2 # .Christian McCaffrey

christian-mcaffrey NFL: The World's Most Valuable Running Backs

This player came from Stanford and joined the league in 2017 when he was drafted by the Panthers. This season he currently has 881 yards and averages about 110.13 yards per game. Those are unbelievable numbers, but Tampa Bay was the one team that figured out how to stop him, but the Panthers were able to defeat them the second time around.

McCaffrey understands how to exploit the opportunities presented to him and read the field in order to give himself more yards. Some might say he should be ranked number one, but the top three spots are all in a very close race.

1 # .Nick Chubb

nick-chubb NFL: The World's Most Valuable Running Backs

Nick Chubb is the best running back in the NFL and unfortunately, his stats don’t exactly show it. He rushes about 100 yards a game and this season he has a total of 803 yards. Chubb is working with a subpar offensive line and a rookie Browns’ coach who should have given him more opportunities earlier in the season.

There was one week where he had two fumbles, but this is one player that is just fun to watch. He is almost impossible to stop as he breaks numerous tackles and manages to stay on his feet even when rushed by four other guys. The numbers might not always show it, but Nick Chubb is a force to be reckoned with.

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