Street Photography Like Poetry in Literature, Like Jazz in Music

Maria Plotnikova is a professional sports and reportage photographer. Maria was born and raised in Moscow, lived in South America for several years. Until 2010, she worked as a sports and reportage photographer in the federal media, now she is a freelance photographer, collaborates with leading Russian media and sports organizations.

Maria is a professional in the genre of contemporary street photography. She has worked at such major sporting events as the Winter Olympics in Sochi, the World Cup in Brazil, and the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. She has taken part in exhibitions around the world (Moscow, Buenos Aires, Paris, New York, Tbilisi, Vilnius, etc., she is a finalist and winner of international competitions and portfolio reviews.

Maria joined street photography while still a sports and reportage photographer. And in South America, she thoroughly took up this genre and was able to achieve success.

“For me, street photography is, first of all, freedom. Although, there are a few simple rules that you need to know: images must be taken in a public place, no staging, etc., but otherwise you can go your own way. You have no idea what you will be shooting, but every day you can make a masterpiece. You photograph only for yourself … For me, street photography is like poetry in literature, like jazz in music. I enjoy freedom. Ultimately, the key to street photography is to capture the moment.”

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