Duchess of UK Royal Favorite Jeans: From Zara to Levi’s

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Despite the fact that the royal person’s dress code is rigorous and the beautiful duchess cannot take liberties when choosing clothes, they can still wear jeans. Life’s Prism collected the most interesting facts about denim, and also made a full review of the favorite royal brands.


Note that among the first princesses who popularized jeans, was Diana Spencer. The wife of Charles of Wales was close relaxed images, not official outfits, as evidenced by photographs of family chronicles. Lady Dee loved spending time with her children, often putting on her favorite American mom-jeans, Levi’s, for walking. After her divorce from her husband, the icon of the British style began to wear them constantly, making an image in a white men’s shirt tucked into blue jeans canonical.

Duchess of UK Royal Favorite Jeans: From Zara to Levi's


The wife of the future king of England is a real style icon that she has repeatedly proved. With the help of image-maker Natasha Archer, the duchess Catherine demonstrates not only elegant images, but also her own style – romantic and unconstrained. Archer manages to pick up clothes for Kate based not only on the royal protocols, but also on the personal preferences of the duchess. Before the wedding, the older sister Middleton adored jeans and did not deny herself her favorite models after marriage.

Duchess of UK Royal Favorite Jeans: From Zara to Levi's

Catherine’s wardrobe features bright skinny models from the American brand J Brand, which she prefers for sporting events, as well as classic navy Goldsign jeans and black Paige skinny ones. A recent acquisition – jeans in a shade of military Zara, which cost no more than 4 thousand rubles. Kate appeared in them in October, tucking Penelope Chilvers in her favorite leather boots and adding a windbreaker in olive color to her image.

Duchess of UK Royal Favorite Jeans: From Zara to Levi's


Watching the evolution of the image of the Duchess, it becomes clear that Meghan Markle was able to completely revise his wardrobe and change his own image in accordance with the protocols of the dress code of royal persons. Now the Duchess of Sussex is one of the most elegant monarchs of modern times, and despite her love for shabby jeans, she tries to choose only classic models of straight cut in black for exits. But, according to sources close to the couple, in an informal setting, Meghan remains true to simple American everyday classics. Let us turn to striking examples of the style of Megan at the dawn of relations with the grandson of the Queen of Great Britain.

Duchess of UK Royal Favorite Jeans: From Zara to Levi's

It is impossible not to remember the first exit of Meghan Markl as beloved Prince Harry, which happened at the end of September 2017 in Toronto. Then Meghan chose a simple and comfortable look – light cropped jeans, a light blue shirt, brown ballet flats and a volume shop-bag to match. The model of a slightly worn denim of the American brand Mother created a furor, and site attendance after the appearance of the photos of the duchess in jeans increased by 200%. In his everyday looks, Markle prefers brands from the United States: Outland Denim jeans are considered to be Meghan’s favorites for official events, and the less formal J.Crew leaves the duchess for homemade images.

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