Miley Cyrus Poses in Sexy Red Lingerie in Valentine’s Day Video for Liam Hemsworth

miley-cyrus-valentines-day Miley Cyrus Poses in Sexy Red Lingerie in Valentine’s Day Video for Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth is one lucky man! For Valentine’s Day, his fiancee, Miley Cyrus, put on a sexy red getup and shook her hips in a steamy video. Watch, here!

“Happy Vday to my Val @LiamHemsworth,” Miley Cyrus, 25, captioned a hot new video that she posted on Twitter on Feb. 14. The Boomerang video, which shows Miley Cyrus dressed in red lingerie and shaking her hips, is a personalized Valentine’s Day message for her fiance, Liam Hemsworth, 28. She obviously tagged him in her caption, but she also put his adorable nickname — “LiLi” — inside a heart that she held at her waist. Isn’t that so cute? We can’t get over it. And if we had to venture a guess, we’d say Liam is probably just as happy about the sexy video.

We love how open Miley and Liam are about their relationship. And by open, we don’t mean they’re not exclusive. What we mean is, they’re super comfortable with showing each other affection in public and/or on social media. But just because they seem to be very much in love doesn’t mean they’re getting married anytime soon. We recently learned — EXCLUSIVELY — that tying the knot “isn’t in their near future.” A source previously told us, “Both Miley and Liam are agreed that they want to wait until they’re older before thinking about any kind of wedding — they’re ecstatically happy as they are right now, and figure, if it ain’t broke why fix it?”

Even though we’d love to see what Miley and Liam’s wedding would look like, we respect their decision to keep things just the way they are. And based on this new video Miley Cyrus has posted, we’d say they’re in a very good place. Don’t you think? See Miley’s new video below!

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