Coronavirus: 5 Florida Spring Breakers Test Positive

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Among the many talking points that have popped up in the last few days amid the coronavirus pandemic, the spring breakers that overtook Florida beaches created, arguably, the biggest reaction on social media. The scene that unfolded even drew a reaction from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. It seems as though the backlash that occurred after the CBS News video of … Read More

Deserted Due to Coronavirus Beaches of Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv’s sprawling beach on most spring days is a hive of activity with runners and cyclists plying up and down the boardwalk, fitness enthusiasts engaged in outdoor gyms and the constant noise of the paddle ball. But the advent of the new coronavirus and the tough measures introduced to curb its spread have changed all of this. The beaches … Read More

Students Ignore Coronavirus Ban and Have Parties on the Beaches of Florida

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Thousands of American college students brushed off coronavirus warnings from health officials by descending upon Miami for Spring Break. Sections of South Beach were busy with scores of students, despite government warnings to limit social gatherings to no more than ten people. US students with more affinity for Corona beer than coronavirus, and who for days ignored recommendations to keep … Read More