Photographer Shares His Experience as a Creative During the Coronavirus

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Worldwide, the economy is taking a hit due to the coronavirus. As people stay indoors and non-essential services grind to a halt, many business owners are finding themselves in uncharted territory. For creative freelancers this is especially true. With people under lockdown, weddings have been canceled and publicity campaigns put on hold. This impact trickles down to all the creatives … Read More

Simulating Many Scenarios of an Epidemic

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Back when the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning to be taken seriously by the American public, 3blue1brown’s Grant Sanderson released a video about epidemics and exponential growth. (It’s excellent — I recommend watching it if you’re still a little unclear on how things are got so out of hand so quickly in Italy and, very soon, in NYC.) In his latest video, … Read More

Japanese Youtuber Makes Easy DIY Face Masks That Look Surprisingly Cool

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In the days of COVID-19, masks are a must-have. However, retailers are struggling to meet demand as panic buying strikes consumers across Japan. Sharp has begun production but who knows when the average consumer will get them. Even when the wayward store clerk manages to stock the random shipment, they are instantly snatched. More: Youtube, Instagram, Facebook Admittedly, it’s hard to keep your … Read More

10 Best Things to do to Make the Most of Self-Quarantine Period + 100 Things to do While Stuck

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COVID-19 has brought the world to a halt, and more and more countries are asking people to self-quarantine themselves at home to avoid the spread of this deadly virus. To keep the businesses running, a lot of organizations are urging their employees to work from home. However, we all know that spending days and days inside our homes can become … Read More

Empty Cities Around the World During the Quarantine

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The New York Times has just released a series of breathtaking photographs of the world’s largest cities during this heavy quarantine period. “The void proliferates like the virus” chants the newspaper, illustrating confinement around the world. More and more countries are indeed forced to adopt more or less harsh exit restrictions in order to fight the coronavirus pandemic. “This current vacuum is … Read More

What to do About Our Collective Pandemic Grief Before it Overwhelms Us

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For That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief, HBR’s Scott Berinato interviewed David Kessler, who he calls “the world’s foremost expert on grief”, about what we’re collectively feeling as we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. HBR: People are feeling any number of things right now. Is it right to call some of what they’re feeling grief? Kessler: Yes, and we’re feeling a … Read More

Coronavirus Stimulus Checks: What We Know so Far

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Lawmakers in the U.S. have promised (but not yet delivered) a monumental $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package that’s expected to include $250 billion for direct payments to Americans. You may already be wondering: “Where’s my damn check?” Crucially, the Senate and House have yet to vote on the bill, and it could wind up further revised and delayed. That’s why you should not bank on … Read More

Even Waffle House Is Closed for COVID-19

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When America wants to know how bad things are in a crisis, they look not to the President or FEMA, they look to Waffle House. The “Waffle House Index,” first coined by Federal Emergency Management Agency Director W. Craig Fugate, is based on the extent of operations and service at the restaurant following a storm and indicates how prepared a business … Read More