Landscape Paintings with Realistic Raindrops

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Artist Luiza Niechoda combines the serenity of raindrops with natural landscapes in her series of watercolor paintings. Called Rain-Kissed Windows, this project portrays various windowpanes that have been dotted with raindrops from a recent storm. As a landscape artist, Niechoda depicts natural scenes in the series. By using the light and transparent medium of watercolor, she is able to simulate a foggy window—where … Read More

10 Mesmerizing Paintings That Look Hyper Realistic

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Inspite of the evolution over the years the artists have continued to be inspired by world around them. These inspirations sometimes take form of dots and lines in an abstract art, or sometimes they take a life-like form. 1. Enchanted Waters (Mixed Media) Artist: Joel Payne Take a trip down a magical wonderland with former Disney artist Joel Payne . … Read More

Marcello Barenghi Draws Hyper-Dealistic 3D Everyday Objects

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Italian artist Marcello Barenghi draws incredibly hyper-realistic everyday objects that appear almost three dimensional with the help of colored pencils and occasional enhancements using markers or watercolor. I have been called “The hyper-realist artist of the common things in the era of YouTube”, Potentially I am fascinated by everything, I am used to look at an object taking into account … Read More

Hyper Realistic 3D Scene Of UFO Crash by Photographer Marc Trautmann

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Marc Trautmann is a creator of this project inspired by the secret areas that are protected by governments in many parts of the world. Particularly Mark was inspired by French philosopher Paul Virilio’s book ‘War and Cinema’ which is about the situation during the Cold War. Virilio described this phase of ‘the immaterial war of perception’ as the moment when … Read More