iPhone Users Randomly Locked Out Of Apple IDs

iphone-users-lock-apple-id iPhone Users Randomly Locked Out Of Apple IDs

There is something fishy going on with iPhones! Users have been randomly locked out of their Apple ID’s but what is going on?

Recently, several Apple users have discovered that they were locked out of their accounts for no apparent reason. If that isn’t bad enough, those who are being affected are forced to go through the painful process of resetting their passwords.

The kicker is the source of the problem is still undetermined. When a user is kicked out of their phone or other Apple accounts, it is sudden. There is a message with a reason stating the account has been locked for security purposes. However, no specific security reasons are given.

Social media, especially Twitter and Reddit, have been blowing up with people getting locked out, as well as issues trying to get back into their phones or accounts. Users are being asked to verify their identity when they put in their actual password.

Apple hasn’t even acknowledged this mounting issue. Although all Apple devices are having the same problem, it seems to be affecting those with iPhones the most. According to Digital Trends, an Apple Insider has revealed that a possible bug with the company’s security protocol could be the problem. There is also speculation that it is an external issue that is not at all related to Apple practices, which seems a little crazy.

Unfortunately, until Apple decides to speak out on the matter, users are going to be stuck jumping through hoops to get into their iPhones and Apple accounts. Digital Trends quotes an Apple Insider who claims it is not an Apple problem and it is only affecting a slim number of people. The source is not named.

Those who express their concerns or problems with being locked out of their phones are being directed to a web page for help. The page though only gives you the procedure to get back into your phone. It does not fix the problem, so that means it could continue to happen.

Also, why do you think Apple has not responded to this very annoying problem?

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