15 Uncomfortable Ideas to Think About

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Exposing yourself to new & uncomfortable ideas is a straightforward way towards personal growth!

Ever had one of those days where you just sit back and think about things?

We found discussion like these between a small group of friends make up for some of the best evenings.

The following ideas have been concepts that we have been introduced to in time and we believe there’s value in pondering on them.

Take a moment for each of these and make sure you ingrain them in your decision making process or at least draw some value that you can use in your life.

Here are 15 Uncomfortable or Interesting Ideas we want you to think about:

#1: The only free cheese is in the mousetrap

There is no free meal and you should stop waiting for it.

Nobody is going to give you the life you want. It’s not going to be easy and it will take a lot of time to build it.

Be careful of those offering you a “get rich quick” scheme, or a system, or a miracle cure, because it’s most definitely a trap.

You are the mouse and they’re holding up the free cheese.

#2: The kid who bought their own Toyota is more successful than the kid flexing in their dad’s Range Rover

Here’s something you should definitely remember:

Success is measured by progress you’ve made, not by where you are right now.

You are running your own race and while others might seem more successful, the only person you’re competing againsts is you of yesterday.

The kid in his own Toyota has 50 times more respect from us than somebody who hasn’t earned it.

#3: Work so hard that people think aliens did it.

People are used to quick, temporary solutions to their life and problems.

Get a phone, wait a year, buy a new one.
Get a wife, get divorced, find new wife.
Go to fast food, wait 5 minutes, get a full meal.
And so on..

In a world where everything is set into microwave time, building something that will stand the test of time looks so foreign to us all that mediocre minds can’t deal with it, they go into mental shock.

The only way to stand out today, is if you start thinking differently than everybody else does.

#4: Money is the most important thing in the world when you don’t have it..

Life is split into Money problems & Life Problems.

Money problems have to do with: what you eat, if you have a home, how you survive in general.

Life problems have to do with: your happiness, love, health etc.

It’s hard to think about your happiness when you’re not sure how you are going to feed your kids next week.

That’s why money is such an important thing early in your journey. Once you solve money and those basic needs are being taken care of, you realize money isn’t that important after all because there are more valuable things to consider.

#5: Just because you were offended by something someone said, doesn’t mean what it was said is offensive..

Sit down snowflakes, we’re taking you to school today!

Not sure if you noticed, but everybody is getting offended today, even more so, on behalf of other people.

This has to do with a state of culture, the mob mentality that you need to bring people down in order to feel like you have any value or power.

Being offended doesn’t mean you are right!

It means that you are not emotionally mature enough to deal with an unpleasant situation. That you are not confident enough in yourself and your ability to manage your actions.

Being offended comes from being insecure, it’s a red flag that your life is not going the way it should.

It’s the result of expected value versus real value.You are not actually worth as much as you think you are, nor are your feelings.

Group identity thinking will lead you to become miserable.
There are plenty of academic books and studies on how we ended up here, how the educational system is changing for the worse in pursuit of profit, how your parents “did the best they could” and how corporations want you to be brainwashed.

But if you put all that to the side, you see that you are center-stage of your own situation.

If you’re looking for clarity and direction in your life, we recommend you pick up Jordan peterson’s 12 Rules for Life. It’s a great read and we’ve found it quite useful on the topic.

#6: “Learn it until you earn it” is better than “fake it ‘till you make it”

Let’s get real here everyone, pretending to know how to do something, doesn’t mean you now possess the skill to execute on it.

You can’t fake your way into being a brain surgeon, because when the situation comes you have no idea what a pituitary gland is..

Instead of trying to appear to others in a certain way, why not use the exact same resources to get yourself closer to the real thing?

It’s not glamorous, it will take time, but you’ll make real progress, something tangible, that’s what sets apart the real from the pretenders.

The goals isn’t to look rich, the goal is to be rich!

#7: You never know if the happiest point in your life is ahead of you or behind you..

This is one of those things that certainly can make your reality stop for a few seconds.

At some point in your life you will reach a peak, in either your health, in your beauty, in your cognitive abilities, happiness, you name it.

It’s weird to think that the best you’ll ever be is behind you.

But instead of running after something you’ll never catch again, you should embrace it and find smaller peaks to enjoy the view from.

Our advice is to allow your journey to continue while enjoying the view as your progress through it.

#8: Nobody is posting their bad days on social media

Social media is dying.

Do you remember when social media used to be really fun and exciting? You couldn’t wait to get on facebook or instagram, now it’s just an action of habit.

We found that we’re losing interest a lot quicker than we used to

It’s all the same, there’s very little value to be taken out of it anymore.

People are not getting the same endorphins they used to early on from likes and engagement. Even more so, seeing unrealistic portrayals of artificially constructed lives over and over again, gets boring and even depressing.

Social media is not real!

You’re only seeing the curated part of someone’s life, what they want you to see. Your life is different from their, because you get to experience the stuff that never gets posted.

#9: People who ask you what you do for a living are trying to determine the level of respect they will show you

People judge books by their cover, and when they can’t do so, they try to look inside at the table of contents or turn the book on the other side to read a summary.

That’s what that: what do you do for a living question means.

They try to see how high on the corporate ladder you are, a ballpark estimate of how much you earn, if you outearn them or not.

Based on your answer, they’ll either be interested in talking with you further or slowly move away to someone else.

It’s usually easier, to give out a generic answer and then allow the other person to speak about themselves. They love to tell you how great they are..

#10: Your entire life has led up to you reading this post right now

Think about it, everything that happened in your childhood, all your decisions, actions, all the books, all the habits, all the events in your life concurred on you watching this piece of content.

How crazy is that? This moment right now is the latest moment in your existance. Your the oldest you’ve ever been & these are the most recent thoughts that are going through your head.

You are filtering this moment right now through the lense of your past experience, through the life you lived.

Nobody is experiencing this moment in the exact same way that you are!

It’s incredibly valuable to be aware of the present, about the way you feel and think right now.

We get so stressed out by the future that we are robbing ourselves of the present
and fail to appreciate just how amazing this moment is.

There’s this incredible book that’s been recommended to us and everybody in our circles is talking about, called: The Power of Now. We can’t recommend this book enough, it will definitely open your eyes more to how you’re living.

#11: In life you get the test before the lesson

The journey of life is filled by ups and down and we fail to appreciate the moment until its passed.

Life just happens, sometimes for the better & sometimes for the worse.

We’ve been programmed to acquire a skill and then put it to use, in the same way we would do with a tool, but that’s not always the case.

Sometimes life will require a skill that you don’t have, it will force you into situations you don’t understand or you feel that you’re not ready for.

Just remember that

Love lives beneath the pain, the fear keeps us from seeing beauty and rewards await behind the dragon.

#12: Money doesn’t actually exist, we just pretend it does..

This is one of those concepts and ideas we’ve thrown around in our previous videos and always got a h3 reaction.

Some people agree with us, some don’t.

The truth is, money is a figment of our imaginations.

If everybody decided right now, that monopoly money is now the real currency of exchange, that would become the norm.

Perception, when in agreement, becomes truth!

This is a very valuable lesson to learn!

#13: Somewhere around the world there’s someone with your dream life who hates it..

You know that dream car you hope someday will drive, there’s someone out there who own one and it’s sitting in his or her garage.

That movie start you dream of dating, well… they have a partner who got to see the ugly side of them as well..

You are in love with the idea of a perfect life, in love with how you hope that life will make you feel.

If you’re not happy with yourself right now, you’ll be unhappy then, just surrounded by a bunch of things other people think would make them happy.

The life of your dreams comes with a series of problems you know nothing about. The foundation of your understanding of the world is what will allow you to transform your life into something satisfactory.

#14: You are very lucky man or woman, is just somebody admitting they would sleep with your partner.

Isn’t it funny? If you really think about it, we’re social animals and still carry that predator genes buried deep within us.

The etiquette of certain situations has changed in time, but the way we think about certain situations hasn’t.

It pays off to pay attention to how people talk, the words they use and the meaning that’s behind them.

Intent is far more important than what is being said.

#15: Privacy is the most valuable thing we can have today

We went from complete privacy to trading it away for the convenience of social interactions.

Your internet provider knows your search history, the content you consume, your political affiliation, even if you’re having an affair or not.

Facebook and google know that as well.
What used to be your private information is now being sold and molded into behavioral patterns. Applied strategically somebody can change your perception of reality and even how you think.

It might sound like that’s not the truth, but you start seeing it happen in politics. Look at what happened in Brasil, Korea, the US election & in the UK with Brexit.

The public perception can be gently moved in one direction or the other which can have long term effects.

Your personal information is incredibly valuable and it’s time you start thinking about protecting yourself. Your best option is a piece of secured software that hides your online activity & protects your credit card information.

Hopefully at least one of these has connected with you in a way that made you stop and think about the life you’re living.

Be Uncomfortable Now To Be Comfortable Later:

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