10 Things All Yacht Owners Think Before Setting Sail

Owning a yacht is going to be a foreign concept to most reading this, and the majority probably haven’t even stepped foot on one before. Alas, in spite of that, we want to take the time today to delve into the mind of someone that is able to splash the cash and set sail whenever their heart desires.

They simply head on down to the marina, pick up the ol’ girl and explore the world around them. Some go a bit further out than others, but they all leave us feeling envious as we stroll past wishing we could trade places.

10 # .“How Do The Engines Sound?”

yacht-engine 10 Things All Yacht Owners Think Before Setting Sail

It sort of goes without saying that you need to ensure the engines are working before you can jet off anywhere, but we respect the fact that people want to double-check just in case.

The bigger the yacht the higher the risk factor, and while owners won’t exactly conduct a full-on risk assessment every single time you attempt to set sail, they’re going to make sure that the safety regulations have been put in place.

If not, then the possibility of being stranded at sea is very real.

9 # .“She Probably Needs A Paint Job Soon”

yacht-paint 10 Things All Yacht Owners Think Before Setting Sail

This is probably just a case of overthinking things, but it’s hard not to seek perfection when you purchase a yacht. After all, it’s an incredibly grand purchase, and it’s not every day that you get the chance to live like a king (depending on just how rich these folks in question are).

A lick of paint probably isn’t going to make much of a difference to the yacht’s general aura, but from an appearance standpoint, it can change the game entirely.

P.S: Yes, we’re going with the assumption that all owners refer to their yachts as ‘she’, because if they don’t, we’ll be highly disappointed.

8 # .“We Could Get Some Tanning Done Today”

tanning-yacht 10 Things All Yacht Owners Think Before Setting Sail

When you head out to see some of the other yachts around the marina or general area you happen to be in, check out how many of them have sections that are seemingly specifically dedicated to the art of topping up your tan.

It definitely isn’t the core theme behind getting a yacht in the first place, but when the sun is beaming down on you, it’s kind of difficult not to think about throwing on some lotion and just crisping yourself up for a few hours. What’s the harm?

7 # .“What’s That Island We Want To Visit?”

yacht-island 10 Things All Yacht Owners Think Before Setting Sail

As is the case with quite literally anyone on the planet on any form of transportation, the fantasy booker in you takes over and wants to go and see quite literally everything imaginable.

Perhaps there’s an island not too far away that you wanted to explore once upon a time, but didn’t have the resources to do so. Therefore, every single time you get on the yacht, you make it your mission to head out there – before thinking twice and delaying the process once again. Sort of like Brexit, really.

6 # .“We Should Probably Start Using The Kitchen”

yachtkichen 10 Things All Yacht Owners Think Before Setting Sail

A lot of yachts have some form of a kitchen in them these days, but you’d be stunned as to how many folks just don’t decide to use them. Perhaps they’ve purchased food from the supermarket or they might’ve not thought about what they were going to eat, and we can somewhat understand that, considering it doesn’t make much sense to always have food stocked on the yacht if you aren’t going to be on there 24/7.

It’s always going to be a spontaneous decision to use the kitchen because the seating area away from the kitchen always seems to get a little bit more attention.

5 # .“Let’s See How Fast She Can Go”

FAST-YACHT- 10 Things All Yacht Owners Think Before Setting Sail

If you’ve got a yacht and you’re trying to tell yourself that you don’t have an ego, then it’s time to drop the lies.

The thrill of seeing how far your prized possession can travel in a certain timeframe is intoxicating, and it’s all part of the fun associated with yacht life.

It might not be the safest idea in the world and thinking twice is probably the smart move here, but from time to time, letting loose and just going for it can be healthy – or, at least, we think that’s the word.

4 # .“Damn Their Yacht Looks Good”

yacht 10 Things All Yacht Owners Think Before Setting Sail

Take a minute to sit back and admire the boats around you, whether it be out of jealousy or purely because you’re a fan of yachts (which you obviously are, or the purchase wouldn’t have been made).

Every single yacht is unique in its own way, even if it comes down to just the name alone. Different elements can be attached to different boats based on size and the general layout, and instead of obsessing over your own, offering out a few compliments can be healthy.

There’s always the option of being bitter, but nobody wants that.

3 # .“What Are The Conditions Like Today?”

STORM 10 Things All Yacht Owners Think Before Setting Sail

Nobody wants to end up like the yacht in Wolf of Wall Street, so do everything within your power to avoid that fate.

The conditions on any trip are always going to be incredibly important and that just kind of goes without saying. More often than not there are going to be clear blue skies ahead with the sun shining brightly, but we shouldn’t act as if that’s a given ten times out of ten.

Stop, think, and make a rational decision that’ll benefit everyone on board, even if it’s only one or two individuals.

2 # .“How Much Did That Cost?”

omds 10 Things All Yacht Owners Think Before Setting Sail

There are two ways that this one could work.

Either the owner themselves looks at one of the items onboard or elements of the yacht and just forgets how much it cost, or alternatively, they look to a neighbor and think about how they can adapt something they’ve got to what they’ve already built.

Money is money and most yacht owners have plenty of it, but there’s a fine line between being impulsive and being stupid. Crossing that line is dangerous, and that’s where the whole ‘ego’ thing comes back into play.

1 # .“It’s Been A While”

awhileyachtguyyy 10 Things All Yacht Owners Think Before Setting Sail

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise for you to learn that the majority of yachts spend their time gathering dust in the marina, as sad as that may be.

Getting on after a long period of time away from the yacht can be tricky, and you might be a little bit rusty whilst getting to grips with her again.

There’s nothing wrong with that but safety should always come first, with one pet peeve of ours being when inexperienced owners attempt to do everything themselves. Be humble from time to time and embrace the help.

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